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First Stakeholder Council Dialogue:
Enhancing climate policy through co-creation
November 21, 2019
Location: Bruegel (Rue de la Charité 33, 1210 Brussels, Belgium)

Over the course of PARIS REINFORCE’s three years, a Stakeholder Council will be developed and engaged with, embodying a diverse group of representatives, including national and EU policy makers; trade unions; industry associations and business networks; NGOs; academia and the research community; as well as civil society.

This first Stakeholder Council dialogue will comprise sessions detailing the capabilities of available models, a concept layout for the I2AM Paris platform, as well as stakeholder-led sessions discussing and defining the most pertinent climate policy questions.

Stakeholders can expect the following:

  • A first session conveying the capabilities of the PARIS REINFORCE modelling ensemble, i.e. what the models can and cannot do. The models have global, regional, and national capabilities.
  • The presentation of a concept version of the I2AM PARIS platform, which will align all modelling inputs, activities, and outputs, making them available to users over the course of the project. Stakeholders are asked to provide input and feedback relating to the first concept design.
  • Group sessions designed for embarking upon the co-design and co-creation of the PARIS REINFORCE modelling approach. Stakeholders are asked to actively contribute to discussions of the most pertinent climate topics and modelling needs, in a participatory process aimed at co-creating the most relevant and seminal research questions for the upcoming modelling runs.

More information on the event, as well as the agenda are available here.

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