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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree in the Highlands

Welcome to our November newsletter! We start off with huge news. Our visa renewal has officially been approved by the British government!!

As you may know, because we are American, Lisa and I must have valid work visas to live here in Scotland and do the work God has called us to with the Bible College, etc. Our initial visas were good for three years. It’s amazing to realize we have been here that long already.

With the type of visa we are on, we are allowed to renew one time for up to three additional years. That renewal was approved this week. Two years from now, once we meet the qualifications, we plan to apply for indefinite leave to remain. This is the UK’s version of a green card. At that point we will no longer need a visa to live and work here.

Lisa and I especially want thank all our ministry partners who gave generously towards the cost of renewing our visas. Having that money provided by God through you before we needed it was a tremendous blessing. We could not be here doing what we are for the Kingdom of God without your faithful support of NewCREEations.

We very much appreciate all you do to provide for the work of the ministry.

If you have liked our Facebook page then you probably saw the fun little video announcement Lisa and I did about our visas. If you aren’t on Facebook you can still see the video on YouTube here (click the image to go to the full video):

Opening Day with Duane Sheriff

Chris video screen shot

Speaking of videos, those of you on Facebook also may have noticed that I recently started creating some short videos and uploading them there. My thinking is that we can take a walk through the Scottish countryside and have a chat.

I wouldn’t call them teaching videos simply because it’s too difficult to walk, talk, hold the video camera, pay attention to what is in the frame along with the background noise, and also refer to my Bible and teaching notes all at the same time. I simply don’t have enough hands to do all that. My brain is challenged enough to keep track of it all even without my Bible and notes!

Even so, my hope is that the videos will be an encouragement to folks in a similar way that our Daily Reflections are an encouragement.

If you are on Facebook then the best place to catch the videos is probably on our Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow our page so that you get notified when I upload new material.

And if Facebook isn’t your thing, then you can find the videos on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

And here is a sample video to see what they are like (click the image to go to the full video):

Great Visit With Mom

Teaching in Finland

Lisa and I had a wonderful visit with my Mom when she came to Scotland last month. Last year we showed her around the Southwest of Scotland where we live.

We did something different this year and took her up to the Highlands so she could experience a new part of the country. She got to see some glorious scenery complete with all the spectacular autumn colors. Plus we took in some castles and historic sites along the way.

We are blessed that she is able to travel internationally to come and visit us.

Ministers Conference

Crees and Seppäläs

Next Lisa and I travelled down to Walsall, England for Andrew Wommack’s UK ministers conference. We enjoyed the conference sessions. But the best part from our perspective was reconnecting with so many good people.

That fellowship time as we strengthen existing relationships and start new friendships is incredibly valuable to us here on the mission field. We enjoy the time we get with all the directors of the various Charis campuses who make it to the conference. This year that included the directors from Poland and The Netherlands too!

Plus we were able to catch some time with Chance and Dee Dee Galloway who are missionaries to Bulgaria where they focus on planting churches and providing services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. Check out their website to learn more their ministry.

Bryan and Sue Nutman

Sharps, Seppäläs, and Crees

Lisa and I are especially excited to be hosting Bryan and Sue Nutman this coming week. For those of you who don’t know them, the Nutmans work for Charis and Andrew Wommack Ministries in Colorado. Sue is Greg Mohr’s Executive Assistant and Bryan is the Director of Ministry Relations for AWMI.

They head up Roots and Wings Ministries and have a gift of being able to help believers experience more supernatural life, especially in the area of the prophetic.

So we are very excited to be hosting them at Charis Dumfries this coming weekend because we know what a blessing they will be for our students.

But even more than that, Bryan and Sue are close personal friends for Lisa and I. In fact, they are our best friends from our Bible College class when we were students. They are two of the people we have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with through many challenges over the years. And I’m pleased to say we’re all still standing in Christ!

That photo of us above is from our graduation week in 2013. You’ll have to check out next month’s newsletter to see a current photo of the four of us!

Looking Forward

Scottish Countryside

As we move forward into the winter months with fewer daylight hours, Lisa and I are looking forward to a bit more routine. We don’t have any travel planned for the next few months. 

So we are looking forward to focusing on our students and the various projects God has us working on for NewCREEations. After the busy-ness of the past several months, we are looking forward to a little more routine to our days through this next season.

As always we thank God for your prayers and your financial support. We truly are partnered in this work with you and could not accomplish any of it without your generosity. 

Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. We will be taking two mission trips after the first of the year with our second year students. One to Finland again and also one to the Highlands to continue the work God has started in these two areas of the world. Chris and I will be paying our own expenses though NewCREEations Ministries to participate in these mission trips with our students. It will be approximately $3500.00 for us to both go on these two trips. Please prayerfully consider sowing into these two additional trips if the Lord lays it on your heart. The teams are already beginning to prepare their training and we know God will do amazing things in and through our students. It is an incredible privilege to  see God grow them and flow through them on these mission trips. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in all of it! We covet your prayers! Thank you!


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