A shirt for pangolin lovers

Dear Friends and Supporters, this month we are more happy to offer you a chance to express your love for pangolins, your care for conservation activities: A Pangolin T-Shirt!

Join the force!

By wearing the shirts, you did not only support us financially but also help spreading words about pangolins - a critically endangered species that need the world's attention.

If order now, you can get the shirts right on Christmas!

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Another month with big rescue and release

A hundred and thirteen pangolins, plus a baby

It was a massive rescue. Even more, we found an infant born right on the crime scene.

We found it amazing that the both the baby and mom were safe but also sad to see them in such an ordeal situation: being kept in the back of a car for days. 

It's not always easy

We discovered that all these pangolins were on the way to be sold at Vietnam - China border and in order to make more money the trader decided to force-feed them with weight-gaining powder. 

As a result, many of them did not make it even our vets and keepers spent days and night taking of each one. Even worse, the sudden change of weather in Cuc Phuong did make some of the animals weaker.

Good news is the survived ones are in stable conditon now. 

Forty eight were home!

You can smile now: we also had two release trips last month, bringing 24 pangolins back to the wild with each, both went incredibly well.

These pangolins were the ones got rescued the other month, after spending four to five weeks being rehabilitated in our center, they are home now.

We depend 100% on donations and grants to keep the rescues and releases happening. 

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Education: a new season of love

The kids are back

Earlier last month, we started the second season of Valuing Nature in Childhood Program, aiming to bring more 3,200 kids to our center, tell them the stories about our rescued animals, wildlife and nature, and how important it is to have their future companion in this endeavour.

Releazing the benefits of the program, the schools and parents from Nho Quan district decided to cover a part of the tour's expense. This not only took a financial burden for us but also show their supports for conservation education activities. 

Coolest gift for birthday girl

Our Education team had a special guest last month: Emily Endorf - a eleven-year-old girl from England. She traveled all the way to Vietnam just to meet and feed the pangolins.

The trip was a gift for her birthday, and with a pangolin lover like her, it was the best one. She promised to keep advocating for the pangolin's rights and help them recover from extinction. 

The team: another great month

Joining WARN 2017

Our team had chance to join 2017 Wild Animal Rescue Network Conference, learn more about other NGOs in conservation and have some new friends who share the same interest of protecting wildlife animals.

We also gave the participants a tour to our center, introducing them about our works, our animals and some innovations our captive team brought to their daily activities.

Looking for a missing piece

We are looking for a Vietnamese Communication Officer to join us in Cuc Phuong National Park, help SVW develop a better brand image all over the world. 

More information can be found here.

Thank you!

Holiday season is approaching, and we would like to send our best wishes to all of you, your families and friends, your colleagues and acquaintances.

We hope you had an amazing year to look and and another exciting year to look forward to. We also wish to have your companion as always. 

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