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Going through a break-up? Need to crop your ex out of a picture?
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Or crop anything, for that matter. Too much background? Unnecessary content? Take care of it in a few seconds.

Speaking of... sharing this takes only a few seconds too 😉

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Crop Image Cyborg 🚫

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The reason I started The Tech-Letter was so I could share the tools I use in my day-to-day digital life, that help me speed up the process in an efficient, and simpler, way. Sometimes I'll show you apps that will completely change the way you use your browser - but other times, like today, I'll help you find a solution to the very minimal, yet annoying, tasks.

I'm not sure about you, but I often come across situations where I need to crop an image; whether it's for Instagram, an email, or any other project I may have. In theory "cropping an image" sounds like something that would take you two seconds... But it's the simple tasks that sometimes take forever. Think about this right now. How do you crop an image?

You should have already answered that by now.

This is a very simple, and easy to remember tool: Crop Image Cyborg. Free and without ads, this website allows you to upload JPG, PNG, WEBP, or GIFs, and crop them in literally a few seconds. Here's what it looks like:

Step 1: Upload your picture

Upload image to Crop Image Cyborg

Step 2: ...Crop

Cropping an image

Use the crop tool to resize your picture however you want to. And once you're done... "DOWNLOAD CROPPED AREA".

I wish I could go on and on about what else you can do with this, but some things are just too simple and don't warrant further explanation. 

Upload your image, crop it, and download it. For free. There's nothing else you need to worry about.

Price? Free ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Available? All browsers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Crop in 2 seconds
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