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Fiction's Family

It's all one big family. Long ago Miss Fiction married Mr. Nonfiction. They had many kids, all unique and in their own way special. But my favorites of the family were their twin boys Fantasy and Science Fiction.

They had a big sister. Her name was Horror and she was mostly in her bedroom. She skulked around the house every now and then saying inappropriate things that made everyone one uncomfortable and grossed everyone out. She was close with her father.

The big brother Romance was not around much. He had a wild social life with many girlfriends and suitors. When he was not out in his sports car on one of his dates, he was writing in his journal about the love he sought and his desperate desire to find her, or him.

They had an emo brother Super Natural. Dressed weird, had black and blue hair. He said cryptic things at the dinner table and tried to expand everyone's mind. His room was covered in skulls, candles and ankhs. He loved these sort of things but had a kind of fuzzy understanding of what they meant.

There was YA, a strange little girl with a vivid imagination and a bright future. She did not see things the way her little friends did and she was always pushing the boundaries of what was accepted and popular. She was a leader at school, class president, in all of the clubs. A cheerleader and a scholar. She had a lot of friends and was close to her twin brothers, often listening to them talk for hours about the things they were interested in and the things they were learning.

Uncle Western was old school. He had his son Historical Fiction who was real close with him. They went everywhere together hunting, fishing and horseback riding. They built forts together and talked of the way things today were going to hell.

Western had a daughter he was not close to named Women's Lit. She challenged all his ways of thinking and was constantly at war with his way of life. When she grew to a powerful young lady she was out of the house, immediately off to college to change the world.

When Uncle Western came by to pick up the twins Fantasy and Science Fiction things could get kind of weird. He did not know how to talk to them. Did not know what they were into. He tried to show them his way of living but they could never relate and their adventures always turned out to be a bit awkward and mind blowing. They did not see much of each other.

Now Fantasy and Science Fiction did everything together. They went to the same school, had all the same teachers. They had the same history teacher and learned about ancient civilizations and ruins side-by-side.

They learned science together, figuring out how the world worked and day dreaming about ways they would shape things and bend things if they ever got the time.

They had the same PE coach, each learning the ways of how to keep in physical shape together and the ways of working out. Both boys were in great shape.

They had the same anatomy teacher. Studied animals together and learned what went into the creation of a creature. Their projects always looked similar and they often were accused of cheating off each other. They dissected the same animals, wrote the same papers. They were obsessed with animals and what made them tick.

After school they were in weapons club. They learned a lot about how a weapon worked. What went into creating one and what their favorites were. Science Fiction loved guns and was always talking about what it might be like if a gun could shoot fire. Fantasy was obsessed with bows and arrows, swords and spears, but often tried to mix these weapons, coming up with new and bizarre-looking hybrids.

When they grew up, they had kids. Science Fiction had a son named Hard Science. He was close with his cousin Grimdark, and they often got into trouble together. Fantasy's daughter Noblebright told on them every time they broke a rule.

Fantasy and Science Fiction will always be close. They play off each other and often get into long discussions about how things are, how they might have been, and how they might one day turn out.


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