What to do if your tax refund is short this year.

Not Getting Your Tax Refund?

If you were counting on your usual tax refund this year - you may be in for a big (or not so big) surprise. Many people in our area are getting far smaller refunds than they usually get. Some even owe taxes for the first time ever. This is all due to the new tax law - and the fact you probably didn't adjust your withholding. 

So now what do you do? We have answers in this post. We explain why this is happening, tell you what form to file to fix it, and explain how to calculate your new withholding, so it doesn't again next year! 

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Two Minute Legal Clinic Videos Bankruptcy Edition

Can you keep your house if you file for bankruptcy? Can you keep your car? What are bankruptcy "exemptions" and what are the legal ones in Maryland? 

We answer all of these questions in new videos from our Two Minute Legal Clinic on Youtube.

Check out these videos, and a lot more, at the links below. The first goes to our Legal-ease blog. The second goes to our Youtube channel.

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L@L - Laughing at Lawyers

Why did God invent Lawyers? So Real Estate Agents would have someone to look down on. 

Why did God make snakes before making lawyers? Practice.

What is the difference between a lawyer & God? God doesn't think he's a lawyer. 

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