Sorry, all... I'm late on November news. An an uncle passed suddenly and we had to pack up the fam and the in-laws and drive to New Brunswick to make the funeral. Real life took over for a week and now I'm back to catch up on all the balls I dropped.

Coming into the holidays, it's a reminder to hug the fam jam and keep things in perspective.

Live, love, laugh. 

A FREEBIE novella Promotion For You!

I was invited to write a novella for a curated giveaway through Prolific Works. 23 Paranormal/Fantasy authors were invited to write a 'new content' offering that will be free to claim, share, and enjoy for the next 6 months. 

Over a dozen FREEBIES!    

Dive into these exciting paranormal romance novellas by authors you may already know and love, including Ines Johnson, Willow Winters, Aidy Award, S.B Alexander, and Melle Amade, and me!

A New Series Launched!

Book 1 of a new collaboration with Ruby came out on the 15th and book two is in editing. If you're a fan of True Blood or the Originals, this will have the same vibe. Vamps versus Werewolves with witches caught in the middle.

Moonstone Maelstrom

It was a mistake I could never undo.
A mistake made with the purest of intentions.
A mistake that locked me in the crosshairs of the most dangerous beasts imaginable—Vampires.

"New Orleans is too dangerous for you, cher."

I thought MawMaw was being protective. Afterall, my parents were killed in a violent car accident in Nola when I was a child. That was when she moved us halfway across the globe.

But a Tremé witch needs to be laid to rest in the soil of our ancestors or she will never be at peace.

The moment I set foot in the city of jazz clubs and soul food, I felt the rush of ancient power. My cells came to life like never before, my connection to the ancestors taking root.

And then he found me—they found me. The men of my nightmares. The beasts who capture me and say I belong to them.

Laissez les bon temps rouler.

Don't miss a word of this sexy New Orleans adventure. Click "Read for Free" or "Buy Now" and find out what happens when Josie is confronted with a destiny she can't fight.

Connected Stand Alones!

Defended by a Hero is the second book released in the Personal Protector Series and is yours to claim. Lee, Dan, and Mac are all heroes (cop, FBI, firefighter) and are long-time friends so there's a bit of a cameo crossover between books. If you like Romantic Suspense with a paranormal twist, try these out.

A tenacious reporter chasing a serial killer clashes with the police detective keeping her from her answers.

Driven to recover the fragmented memories of her past, reporter Jordan Munro pursues a lead tying her own abduction to that of a local teenager. But getting close to the latest victim means going through his older brother—Detective Lee Carmichael—her ex-lover.

When his kid brother is rescued from the clutches of a serial killer, Lee shields him from the relentless investigation that follows. Wrestling with guilt over past mistakes, Lee fights his desire for Jordan, to preserve his brother’s fragile recovery.

When Jordan asks to question his brother, Lee’s response is immediate and emphatic—Hell, no!

Jordan is determined to uncover the truth. Lee is just as determined to safeguard his brother. But as each new horrific recollection is revealed, Jordan and Lee’s frantic race to capture a twisted killer grows even more dangerous.

Can Jordan and Lee get their second chance while staying one step ahead of danger? Or will the truth–and the killer–drive them apart for good?

Coming Dec 20th

Shielded by a Hero is the third book to be released in the Personal Protector Series and is coming your way on Dec 20th. 

In a city held captive by a serial arsonist, a firefighter risks it all for a woman he shouldn’t trust.

Fifteen years ago, flames decimated Lily’s past, claiming her father, and altering the course of her life forever. Now, the fires plaguing the city haunt her, drawing her into a dangerous dance with nightmares she’s determined to forget.

But the arsonist won’t allow that.

As fires erupt across the city, Drew McCade, a seasoned firefighter, is pulled into a vortex of passion and peril. Torn between duty and desire, when the evidence mounts against Lily, he discovers that not every blaze is as simple as it seems.

And not every victim wants to be saved.

Fabulous Friend Freebie of the Month

After being kidnapped, Lyra learns the truth about her past and her future.

Lyra Hunter was used to a lavish lifestyle. That all ended with the death of her father. All of his wealth disappeared mysteriously, and Lyra can’t turn to anybody for help.

Finally, she decides to give everything up and start fresh, but her plans are quickly ruined when she is kidnapped by a man who seems to know a lot about her and her family.

Serge has been sworn to protect Lyra after the death of her father. When he learns that she disappeared unexpectedly, he will never forgive himself if he can’t get to her in time to rescue her.

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