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Loving the Soulmates series? Keep reading to get a sneak peek into my writing process for these characters we both love!

I hadn't set out to write a series because I'd never written one before.

I have stories that are linked together but they really are standalone books. If you decided not to read the others in the series, you wouldn't be left bereft. However, there was something about Zola and her family of women whom I affectionately call The Women of Z that had something deep happening with them that I wanted to explore.

The very first character to make an appearance was Zola in She's Got Soul and as I began developing her character and family life, her family members started to speak strongly to me.

Zora, her mother, her sister Zena whom I highlighted in Deep In My Soul and Zena's daughter Zoe, made it clear from the jump that they weren't your typical background characters. I wanted to know more about them and felt readers would as well. So far you all have been invested in each story and seem especially excited about learning more about Zoe and Zora.

Readers of the series will walk away knowing a couple of things they had not known before. These women are DEEP and they are psychic. It's this psychic connection that led to me naming the series Soulmates. You just have to read the books to fully understand what all that means.
To help me get in the zone for writing this series, I play soulful music usually R & B, some neo-soul, and then I clear my mind and think of nothing else but this world I've created. Hours later, I've completed a couple of chapters bringing my characters and their stories closer to readers' Kindles.

Have you started the series? If so, reply to this email and tell me what you love about it so far? What are you looking forward to? If not, there's still time - start reading by clicking the link below!


What's Next?

If you took a look at the series page on Amazon, you'll notice that the pre-order link for the third book is already live. Soul Love is next up and while it's quite a bit away still, you can still pre-order now. 

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