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2019 Issue #1
2019 Is Going To Be Amazing

     2018 I published the first book of the Deep Space Mining Series, Lasso. The response has been better than I imagined and your support is pushing me to make the next book even better.

     What you can expect in 2019 is the completion of the Deep Space Mining Series with the publication of books 2 through 5. Book 2, Vultures, is already on Amazon for pre-order as an ebook. Paperback will be available on the day of release, March 12th.

     I'm also working on some side projects that may appear in 2019. And, so you know my long-term vision, I'm working on ideas for my next book series that will be released in 2020. There will be no shortage of adventures for me to share with you.

Deep Space Mining Series Book 1
Lasso - Available Now!

A suspicious accident, a prized asteroid, and a game of politics to decide who rules the galaxy. Someone’s making a power play, but who?

Deep Space Mining Series Book 2
Vultures - 3/12/2019

When games of politics put the lives of deep space miners, a coalition of captains organizes a resistance.

On My Book Shelf
New Release!
Mindspace: Infiltration

Set in the Cadicle universe, Mindspace is a new standalone story arc set after the events in the original Cadicle series and before the Taran Empire Saga.

Author A.K. DuBoff brings to life an exciting Science Fiction adventure in a series of 4 books.

The series includes:
Book 1: Infiltration - available now
Book 2: Conspiracy - January 11, 2019
Book 3: Offensive - January 25, 2019
Book 4: Endgame - February 15, 2019

Mike Coville

3050 Dyer Blvd Ste #261
Kissimmee, Florida, United States

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