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Thank god the weekend is over!

It's time for the Monday Morning Motivation Newsletter ;)

My birthday was this weekend and I did absolutely nothing (which is a good thing.)

But now that the birthday crap is over with I'm excited to not be a lazy lug.

Specifically, a new article on the unconscious mind and how it affects productivity is coming out this week.

Let's get into the newsletter:

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Productivity Tip Of The Week

Having trouble waking up on time? Are you slamming the snooze button with the force of Thor's Hammer?

Here are 3 strategies to help you wake up on time:

1. Use the Alarmy app:

It has special functions that require you to take a picture or go for a walk, among others, to turn off the alarm. Make it so you have to take a picture of your car, or go for a walk around the block. By the time you do you won't be able to go back to sleep!

    2. Trade in coffee for caffeine pills:

    Place a 50mg or 100mg pill on top of your phone before you go to bed. When your alarm goes off in the morning take the pill. You might be able to snooze for 10 minutes, but after that the caffeine will kick in and you'll be forced to get up.

      3. Practice waking up:

      It sounds silly, but this is known as Creative Deliberate Practice. It states that you can practice anything, no matter how small the task. So before you go to bed, do 10 "practice runs" of waking up. Literally pretend like you're asleep, then hit your alarm, then make your bed, then start the shower. Basically, go through your entire morning routine.

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        Research Of The Week

        Catharsis Theory:

        2020 has been stressful, to say the least.

        You might think that "venting" is an effective way to cope. By talking to someone and getting it "off your chest" you ameliorate your stress and calm your nerves.

        That's not the case. Venting actually increases and prolongs your stress because it forces your brain to dwell on your anger for longer than you otherwise would.

        So although venting may make you feel better in the short-term, it actually makes you more aggressive and angry in the long-term.

        The best strategy to relieve stress is to do something that is not related to your stress at all.

        Distract yourself with something relaxing that takes your mind off of your anger and stress completely.

        Have A Great Week!


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