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Hashtags: What Are They, Why Use Them?

OK, So Why The # Sign?
A hashtag is a free way to have a conversation about a single subject with a diverse audience and across multiple platforms quickly. With one simple hashtag, you can drive brand recognition, improve reach and engage in a like-minded subject with your customers, prospects and target market. Contributed by: Rachel Leone, Hashtags: What Are They, Why Use Them?

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

Don’t Try to Sell to Everyone or Anyone
A very common mistake made by small business owners, is considering everyone to be a potential customer. While it may be true that your product or service appeals to a broad audience, effective marketing requires a narrowed down target audience so messaging and marketing approaches reach them directly. Tip contributed by: Stacey Bruzzese - Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

What’s Your Marketing Plan for 2019? [Hope is not a Strategy]

Plan Your Marketing Plan!
To cut the learning curve, think about a customized online and offline marketing plan that’s based on your company’s vision, your situation, your industry and where you are and where you want to go. Contributed by: Robin Samora, What’s Your Marketing Plan for 2019? [Hope is not a Strategy]

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