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Menachem Av 5780 Edition 48

6 Successful Engagements this month!!!

1) The automated suggestion feature does it again!!!  Shadchan Shandel Blassberg suggested the Shidduch and they decided not to pursue it. Later, the mother of the Kallah received the suggestion by email via the ChabadMatch automated suggestion feature and decided to revisit the suggestion.  She reached out to Shandel Blassberg who put together the Shidduch!

2) "The Kallah was proactive and found a profile she was interested in on the site," relates Shadchan Moshe Raichman.  "I was listed as a Shadchan on the Bochur's profile so she contacted me for more information.  I reached out to the Bochur and they decided to go out.  As soon as they met there was immediate chemistry, and less than two week later they got engaged!"

3) Both the Choson and Kallah joined the site on the weekend after Pesach. They are both from Netanya but did not know of each other. The Kallah reached out to Shadchan Rachel Gov Ari, who ran a search on ChabadMatch and found the Choson. Within a few weeks of registering they got engaged!

4) Shadchan Dasi Kramer relates: "With this Shidduch I knew about the families beforehand, but having the ability to see full profiles describing both singles helped me evaluate and make the Shidduch."

5) Another Success Story from our Meet Shadchanim Event in Kfar Chabad! The Choson met with Rinat Miriam at the event. Rinat shared the details of the Bochur with Moran Amfromayov, who put together the successful Shidduch!

6) Shadchan Rina Gershowtiz relates: "The Choson, Kalah, Shadchan, and a friend of the Kallah that suggested the Shidduch are all from Bnei Brak.  The profiles of the Choson and Kallah on ChabadMatch helped each side review the suggestion, and Boruch Hashem they got engaged!"

Shidduchim From and To the Event

By: Moshe Raichman

In January, the first ChabadMatch Meet Shadchanim Event was organized in Kfar Chabad. This was a novel idea to Israeli Anash, but we knew from similar events in Crown Heights that the concept works. On the way to the event we received a phone call from a Bochur we knew who was skeptical about whether to attend the event. "Will there be Shadchanim there that will care to see me?" he asked doubtedly. He had not received many suggestions recently and we stressed the importance that he attend. Later in the evening, I was very pleased to see that he made the trip from Rechovot to attend and was able to spend time with several Shadchanim.

The event was a great success with over 200 singles attending, and around midnight we finished packing up and left the hall. Outside there was a Bochur with an electric scooter trying to figure out how he was going to make it back to to Haifa at this late hour. The trains run all night from Tel Aviv, but there was no way to get to Tel Aviv from Kfar Habad at this late hour. My wife and I were quite exhausted, but offered him the ride to Tel Aviv despite it being the opposite direction from our home in Bet Shemesh.

Three months later we were excited to hear that the Bochur with the skooter had gotten engaged, thanks to a meeting with a Shadchan at the event!

Last week, 6 months after the event, we were thrilled to hear that the Bochur we had strongly encouraged to attend the event also got engaged thanks to a meeting with a Shadchan at the event!

We were able to see the incredible Hashgocha Protias of being able to spend time with future Chasanim both on the way to and from the Meet Shadchanim Event in Kfar Habad!

Igros Kodesh: Doubts and Casting Lots

(Igros Kodesh, Vol. XVII, p. 84)

In reply to your letter of the first of Iyar , in which you write with regard to two possible candidates for a shidduch, one of whom you have a stronger positive emotional feeling for, and regarding the other you were told that [since] you “threw a gorel” (a “lot”) and the gorel indicated the second candidate, [you should therefore go with the second one]:

In general, with regard to shidduchim, when both candidates are G‑d-fearing young men, one should follow one’s emotional feelings — as the verse states,1 “let us ask her opinion.” I have never heard that with regard to matters such as these that one depends on “throwing a gorel.”

Since, however, it seems from your letter that your father seems to favor the second candidate, it would be worthwhile to find out from him why he does so. And in light of this clarification, you should consider once again the two candidates.

As it is sometimes difficult to make a decisive decision regarding something that is so crucial to one’s life, it would be worthwhile for you to seek the advice of those who are knowledgeable of all the details.


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