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Since it’s the start of December, I’m sure your world is currently full to the brim with plans and preparation and a whirlwind of activity (safely done!)

Somewhere in the midst of the busy, take a moment for yourself. I hope you fall in love with Ryan and Madison as they introduce Heart Falls to a Not-So-Traditional Nutcracker, as well as the gaudiest sweater in Alberta.

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They stood there, the truth of the past moments tangling them together hard and fast, just like their friendship had started so many years ago.

Something changed. Turned, like a key in the lock.

They stared at each other, only inches away. Madison felt the heat pouring off his body. Even without contact, he affected her.

She couldn’t move.

She had to move. If she stayed here, she was going to do something she’d regret.

Ryan’s fingers dropped to curl around her arm, squeezing before letting go. She took a deep breath, simultaneously disappointed and thankful that at least one of them hadn’t completely lost track of reality.

But then his hands slid over her skin. Off her arm and onto her back. His big palm dropped to her lower back as his gaze stayed fixed on hers.

No wait. He was looking at her lips, and she couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t make her lungs expand farther than halfway, which was already too far because the pressure at her back had erased that inch between them.

The entire front of her torso and his made contact. Firm muscles pressed against her breasts, her abdomen, her hips. It seemed her nipples were equally eager to get into the action, tightening and pressing against the inside of her bra.

Mind whirling, vision spinning, Madison still thought maybe nothing would happen.

He caught her chin with his free hand, holding her immobile. “Say no if you don’t want this.”

Nothing registered except a dull pulse low in her core. “This?”

The fact he had her befuddled seemed to amuse him, and his lips curled upward. “A kiss, Madison. I’m going to kiss you.”

His statement should’ve seemed dry or amusing, but the only thought echoing in her brain was simple. “Why on earth would I not want this?”

This hero needs a holiday miracle or two—and she’s just the one to deliver.

A standalone holiday story from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Single father Ryan Zhao didn’t expect a ghost from his past to literally slide back into his life. His long-time friendship with Madison Joy is a pure, sweet memory, and with the holidays fast approaching, her surprise visit is perfect. Maddy’s a breath of fresh air, full of ideas and enthusiasm—and far too attractive to a lonely man like him. Best friends to lovers might be tempting, but it’s also dangerous since she’s leaving after Christmas.

Madison thrives on fixing things. If Ryan insists she stick around and bother him and his adorable daughter for all of December, she’ll do what she can to make his life brighter. Which means reviving their ugly sweater tradition, organizing a not-so-traditional Nutcracker—and fighting to keep from falling in love with her former best friend and his motherless child.

She’s already given up her dreams once to help take care of her family. No matter how much he wants her to stay, Ryan refuses to ask her to do it again for him and his little girl.  Can holiday magic find a way to take these two lonely hearts from friends to forever?


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Visit with all your favourite Colemans in this celebration of love and the lessons learned along the way.

Years ago, Mark Coleman left Rocky Mountain House and the only woman he’s ever loved. Now that Dana is free and ready to move on, Mark plans to give her everything she deserves, no matter what it takes.


Coming Soon in Audio!!

James Borealis has to get mated, and he’s picked his best friend Kaylee. Kaylee has heard about polar bear mating fever, but she’s not about to leap into a permanent relationship that’s all wrong for him. But mating fever knows best, and there’s no use in arguing with a polar bear’s choice.


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