March 1, 2022

Sermon On The Mount

Declare The Good News

We Are Created to Declare

As sojourners and wanderers in Babylon, we have a role. That role is to expand God’s kingdom by doing His good works and declaring His good news. Jesus calls this being salt and light, bringing glory to our Father in heaven. But He also warns us that salt that loses its saltiness and light that is hidden is of no value to the Father.

God gave the Old Testament Law to set the standard for holiness. But no one could maintain holiness in intention, thought, and deed. So, God gave us Jesus. Jesus could follow the law perfectly; He could be holy. He became our fulfillment of the Law and we, as salt and light, point to Him for all to follow. He gave His life as a sacrifice for our benefit, that we might choose to follow His example of perfection and holiness.

Matthew 5:13-16 tells us we are the salt of the earth. We need to be salty and shine brightly. 

Jesus did what the law can never do, Matthew 17:20

The law never goes away.

We are all lawbreakers.

Jesus fulfilled the law.

Today is a new day, be reminded, you are salt and you are light. Now, let’s go and declare.

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