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Monday, May 7, 2018


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MONDAY NIGHT PODCAST - Bill Basil speaks about his Washington, DC activism.  As you may remember, I recently sent pictures of Bill doing his activism at the Hart Senate Building in Congress.  Tonight he shares further about his activism exploits in DC.  

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I've added a couple of new documents to our website that may be of interest.  One is by Charlie Harding, a mechanical engineer in Gainesville, Florida called: "Microwave Surveillance - Networked." 

The other was sent to me by Andy Parry in the UK called  "Transmissibility of Microwaves to ELF waves compatible to brain rhythms."  

Both documents can be found in the 'News and Views' section of today's issue. 



Also important, Richard Lighthouse has sent around some information about Faraday cages for the community.  This can be viewed in today's 'Community Forum' section. 



You may have noticed a change in the email format.  I switched services this week due to something the perps did at our former service. 

There is a multitude of email services to choose from in the commercial market and finding one suited for our needs took a while and I had to leave off a couple of sections this week to complete this issue on time. However, those sections will be re-added next week. 

Thanks much for your patience.  

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May Activities Calendar

Saturday May 12, 2018 / 3:30 - 5:30 PM
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4040 NE Tillamook St.
Portland, Oregon
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Saturday, May 19 / 12 Noon
Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival / Meetup at Rittenhouse Square Public Park
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Margaret Zawodniak  –  215-385 0292


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Turn your router off at night 

Community Forum


I would like to start having PACTS local support group meetings for my local area, DENNY's on Nott Terrace, Schenectady N.Y.. Saturday nights 6 p.m. , once or twice a month.




Because psychiatrists are deliberately turning a blind eye to advances in brain weapons research they are aiding and abetting in the technological enslavement of the whole human race. 

"Nero fiddled while Rome burned" is a saying that can be attributed to the behaviour of psychiatrists in todays world. Psychiatrists are being informed by many of their patients that the patients are hearing voices coming from inside their heads. These people are immediately deemed to b...e mentally ill by psychiatrists without said psychiatrists ever investigating whether it is technologically possible to place voices inside the heads of human beings by the use of modern brain weapons. 

Psychiatry is fraudulent. 

A diseased brain has never generated intelligent voices in the whole history of the human race and no psychiatrist has ever cured an internal voice hearer in all of their careers.

Even since false psychiatry was created voice hearers have all been incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals and have not been allowed out again until such a time as they are willing to admit to their psychiatrist that they no longer hear voices.

All intelligent voices... that individuals hear coming from inside their heads are being induced by advanced technology and they always have been thus. Technology has existed with the capability to transmit voices inside the heads of human beings since at least 1922 as per the following youtube


Psychiatrists are currently largely unwilling to believe that they do not have the capability to make the internal voices of their patients stop. However, as long as the public at large continue to believe that psychiatrists have the capability to make internal voices stop most psychiatrists will continue to believe their erronious belief. They will continue to unknowingly administer poisonous substances to any member of the human race who admits to being the target of voice to skull electronically induced voices or who admits to being the non-consensual and unwilling target of brain to brain interface.
How long more will this evil situation be allowed to continue?

Targeted individuals of brain weapon research are afraid to come forward publicly to warn the general public of the fact that they are experiencing technologically induced voices which are being generated by military technology and that they are also experiencing other attacks by electronic weapons. The reason they are afraid to come forward publicly is because psychiatrists will definitely erroneously deem them to be mentally ill and have them wrongly incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital. 

Targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro weapons research and voice to skull military communication techniques are deeply resentful of the dishonest behaviour of psychiatrists.

Greta Fahey


FARADAY CAGES by Richard Lighthouse

I wanted to share this because it is important that people understand that Faraday Cages are real technology - and they work. (see images below)

I have attached examples of commercially available shielded rooms and Faraday cages.  There are companies all over the world that make these shield enclosures and rooms. 

They are expensive - ranging from $6,500 to $30,000
The performance ratings go up to a 125 db reduction, which means the EMF field has been reduced by a ratio greater than 1000 to 1.  

A properly designed Faraday cage really does work.
Please share. 
Thank you,

PACTS, International

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Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

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