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The last 3 to 6 months have been super creative for me.                                                         EarthTides has some great additions.

Stainless Steel Plates

The Stainless Steel Plates are now integrated with the 6' cable. The plates are bolted and locked so they do not come apart and the cables do not separate from the unit.  You will never have to purchase cables again. A small dish cleaning brush works well to clean the plates after use. The price is the same.  The $58  includes shipping anywhere in America.

Self-Adhesive Electrodes

All EarthTides and BodyGuard Zappers now come with 2 adapters and Self-Adhesive Electrodes which you can put on painful joints, ligaments and muscles.  There are hundreds of people experiencing a reduction in pain when using the micro-current device/frequency generator found on either your EarthTides or BodyGuard Zapper.  The self-adhesive electrodes make it convenience to flow electrons through the painful parts of the body because now you don't have to hold the probes.  The Stainless Steel probes are still very useful and have there place.  Working with infection in the mouth, cavities, intestinal parasites etc etc.

Last month when I first discovered how effective these electrodes are,  I decided to include them with all new EarthTides and BodyGuard Zappers, which is what we are doing.  I was also excited about sending sets of these adapters and electrodes to everyone who has ever bought EarthTides or the BodyGuard Zapper.  Well it didn't take long to discover what that entailed in time, money and postage.  So the next best thing is outlined in the next few lines.

You can buy the two adapters and 4 sets of electrodes (eight in total) on line in the Market Place for $15.00. Shipping is free

When you need to buy more electrodes, 4 sets are available for $10.00.

Actually, they last for months.  You can renew the stickiness with a few drops of water.  Better yet,  your body will be happy using your own saliva. 



Special Pricing of EarthTides during the Covid19 Occupation.
$1195 down from $1695. Shipping anywhere in America is only $22 for a total of $1217. The link is found on the website down below in the Market Place.


If you are a distributor, contact me at your

convenience for your new pricing.




We have started using (Fast Blow 1amp 5mm x 20mm fuses) found on the back panel of EarthTides in the small rectangular drawer between the switch and the power cord socket. If you use too much salt or touch the plates together (on the old style), the fuse may blow. Here is a link to a Word Document that explains how to easily change the fuse.  Most hardware stores carry this fuse.  If you have any difficulty finding them, feel free to call me.





Sara Sternberg is a client and owns an EarthTides as of about a year ago.

It has been 9 years now for Sara as she battles the demons of fungus, mold, lyme and other parasites.  She has an opening in 2 weeks at Luz Clinic in Galeana Mexico with Dr. Marston for two months holistic live in care to assist her in getting back into life.  She started a GoFundMe account if you are so inspired to donate.


If you want to help her in a bigger way, here is her contact information.

Sara Sternberg  617-416-4311


Thank You

I am in my 15th year of manufacturing and I still love doing what I do...along with a lot of other things.  I want to sincerely thank each one of your for your love and support over the years. Thank you all for all the great messages and successes that you send me. I am so grateful for the thousands of people that we are all helping. 

Love and continued success,




Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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