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Are we having fun, yet?

Me? I was doing pretty good until I fell off a 5’ scaffolding and jacked up my right elbow in a purple/painful/probably-broken way.

But I’m a tough ol’ bird and the show must go on—even if I’m typing with one hand. Sigh.

And I am holding to my promise to read only holiday romance this month. Luckily, I know a lot of really awesome authors, and I’m so happy to share some of those books with you.

First, NYT best selling author and founder of Tule Publishing Jane Porter has a new book out. I just downloaded it and can’t wait to start…

My dear friend C.J. Carmichael has a brand-new holiday release, too, set in my favorite Montana town, Marietta: A MERRY BRAMBLE CHRISTMAS.

I’m reading it now and it makes me so happy be in Marietta, Montana. It’s a wonderful escape.

And I’m super happy to share this new holiday collection from another dear friend and fellow Sweet-2-Heat author: Lisa Mondello.

Who doesn't love Christmas romances? Enjoy 5 of Lisa Mondello's heartwarming holiday romances in one boxed set! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

Grown-Up Christmas Wish
The gloves…well, mittens, are off. I'm in Montana on leave from the military to battle a real estate auctioneer about to sell my childhood memories to the highest bidder. I get that Sally Macomber needs the commission to start life back east, but with a little snow, some small-town holiday spirit, and my grandfather’s sleigh, I can earn enough to be top bidder. Too bad as the December 24th deadline nears, my Christmas list now has just one name: Sally.

The Gift
Accusing the beautiful redhead I met on the street of being a thief probably wasn't the best way to meet the love of my life. Of course, I didn't know it at the time when she held the empty envelope that was supposed to be full of money for a foster program. But her wide eyes and concern a small child would do without a Christmas gift on Christmas morning had me more than intrigued. I fell hard. A bank full of money was nothing compared to the love of a woman with a heart of gold.

All I Want for Christmas is You
Playing Santa for the kids at the mall I own is just part of the magical Christmas I never had as a young child. But when a six-year-old girl asks Santa (ME) for a daddy for her mom for Christmas so she doesn't have to work so hard...I don't know, something inside me melted. One look at her beautiful mother, Lauren, and I knew I had to make their Christmas wish come true. I didn't realize how much I wished for it for myself, too.

Dakota Wedding
I'd built a house my friends call The Christmas House, perfect for a family. Except I don't have one. I am still dealing with a war injury that has set me back. When the man who saved me in the military is killed, along with his wife, he names me a beautiful firefighter from Vermont guardians of their 3 young children provided we both live in The Christmas House for a year together. I owe him. I won't deny him his last request. But forced proximity with a woman who consumes my every thought, and raising 3 kids I didn't know, is going to be hard. Until the moment I am faced with losing them all and I know I can't live without any of them. I need a Christmas miracle. Was The Christmas House full of magic like the kids' mom said?

Dakota Blues
I know the woman I love is gunshy and my big Montana family can be overwhelming. But when we learn she is pregnant just before Christmas, I know it's the time to finally get down on one knee and get her to say yes to marrying me. She was an army brat used to being left behind. She knows nothing about being a mother and I know she is scared. I just need my family to show her that she isn't alone, and that love is all we need to build the family we have dreamed of having together.

Five heartwarming holiday stories for just 99¢ (or free to download for Kindle Unlimited members).


In case you missed it:

IT’S NEVER THE MISTLETOE: six small-town, heartwarming, holiday romances with a bonus gift.

Ask anybody and they’ll tell you, it’s never the mistletoe that brings people together—it’s what’s in your heart.

THE RANCHER’S AND THE WIDOW’S FIRST CHRISTMAS: “The Rancher’s and the Widow’s First Christmas is a sweet, emotion packed, heartwarming, inspirational, small-town romance. You will probably need tissues as Sam and Jenny try to make sense of a world without Josh. This well written book will keep you engaged while tugging your heartstrings. I could not put it down!”

CALEB’S CHRISTMAS WISH: “This is a story of loss, grieving, and life changing events. 4 year old Caleb's parents are killed in an accident and his Godparents who have never met have been called in to take responsibility for him and help him through a difficult time. Add an ill Grandmother who recently lost her husband and now her child and is now worried that she will lose the only link (Caleb) to both. Very well written, emotional and thought provoking. Totally enjoyed this book.”

BLACK HILLS SECRET SANTA: “This was a witty and touching story. Rufus has a great sense of humor for a reclusive yeti-man. Rachel was wonderful in how she struggled with discovering her true self - out from under her controlling mother and cheating ex. All of the secondary characters added to the story and made me wish that Sentinel Pass was a real town I could visit - or move to.”

CHRISTMAS FOR THE WIN: “Brilliantly written and loaded with large family connections, A… tear-worthy, feel-good story with compelling characters! The suspense is palpable and romance is sweet. A little psychic magic really adds to the mix!”

HER CHRISTMAS ANGEL: “This quick read packs the magic that is Christmas. Love, Kindness, Faith, and Generosity are showcased. How a simple gift touches another person and made such a big impact on both parties.”

JUDY DOES CHRISTMAS: “Debra knocked it out of the park with Judy Banger and how she feels about Christmas. Women of any age can appreciate and relate to Judy, especially those of us who are over 50, overweight, and a bit insecure. This book will keep you laughing, crying, and laughing again to the very end. I love Judy Banger and what she's taught me. She is courage in a slightly overweight form. You will want to read this one a couple of times.’



Do you know which three holiday books of mine aren’t in the Mistletoe box set? They’re part of WITH LOVE, MONTANA.

BOOK 4: Montana Maverick — I’ll admit flying a helicopter in a blizzard wasn’t a great idea. But watching my grandbaby burn up with a fever while gasping for air wasn’t an option. I figured it was all over when we went down, but then an angel in snowshoes came to our rescue. Meg Z of all people. The woman the Press labeled my “archenemy.”

BOOK 5: Montana Gift — So, my wife of forty years tells me she’s going to write our life story—even the bad sh…stuff. And lord knows there was plenty of that. Booze. Fights. Grief. Remorse. Why anyone would want to read about this is beyond me, but I can’t say no to Louise. After all, she saved me too many times to remember. Now, you can read all about it…just in time for Christmas.

BOOK 6: Montana Miracle — The calendar is clicking down to December 25. The best possible travel day for a guy like me. No family gathered ‘round a tree. No friends expecting me for a big ham dinner. No sticky strings attached…except for a dog that doesn’t understand the command: “Go away.” And a beautiful but nosy pastor who claims I’m a “miracle in the making.” For a smart lady, Pastor Sam Zabrinski, sure picked the wrong ex-con to play Joseph in her living créche.

BOOK 9: Her Rebel to Kiss — My SmokeJumper brothers, Flynn and Tucker, claim my off-season climbing career is too risky. I argued otherwise until…I walked away. Luckily, I landed a great job in Marietta. Settling down always seemed more daunting than Everest until I kissed a mysterious lady in red on New Year’s Eve. Maybe my climbing credo applies to love, too.

You can grab all 4 (along with 5 other Marietta stories😉) HERE.



’Tis that time of year again for mistletoe wishes and candy cane kisses.

Can one festive holiday reunite estranged lovers, ignite unexpected relationships, heal old hurts, and bring joy to aching hearts? Probably not. But love can. And in the hands of these nine award-winning/bestselling authors, the reason for the season might just be: Romance.

BOOK 1: Risking It All by Kathryn Shay
This woman is driving me crazy. She had it out for me when I was a recruit and focused on all my flaws; I couldn’t help but return the favor by needling her every chance I got. Now, we’re working side-by-side teaching recruits and suddenly, I’m determined to have her! Damn it, that woman is ruining my favorite season of all—Christmas.

BOOK 2: Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau
Cali Johnson makes my heart race in ways I never thought it could, and I find myself hoping for a very Merry Christmas this year. Not only is she kind to everyone she sees, she even befriended my cantankerous old cat—and he doesn’t like anyone. There’s just one problem... no one could accept the truth I’m hiding, no matter how nice and sweet they are.

BOOK 3: The Marine’s Last Chance Christmas by Rogenna Brewer
Home for the holidays sounded sweet until I looked across my recruiting desk into the eyes of the woman I’d loved and lost––mostly thanks to my own stupidity. Who knows? Maybe the Sugar Plum Fairy will grant me one last chance for Christmas.

BOOK 4: Texas Christmas Bride by Jean Brashear
For seventeen years after I was banished, I tried to forget her. The empire I built means nothing to the joy of being with her again. All I want for Christmas is to marry her, to be together forever as two teenagers once planned—if only the son I never knew about will forgive both of us and let us be a family at last.

BOOK 5: Christmas for the Win by Debra Salonen
Is it crazy to ask for help from the woman I left at the altar eight years ago? Absolutely. But I’ll do anything for my son, and the Alexa I knew and loved would never turn away a child in crisis—especially at Christmas. Though it's wishful thinking to expect that Alexa could ever forgive me.

BOOK 6: Grown-Up Christmas Wish by Lisa Mondello
The gloves…well, mittens, are off. I'm in Montana on leave from the military to battle a real estate auctioneer about to sell my childhood memories to the highest bidder. I get that Sally Macomber needs the commission to start a life back east, but with a little snow, some small-town holiday spirit, and my grandfather’s sleigh, I can earn enough to be top bidder. Too bad as the December 24th deadline nears, my Christmas list now has just one name on it: Sally.

BOOK 7: A Family of His Own by Karen Sandler
I came from less than nothing, but I got lucky. Wrote a few books, became a mega-bestselling thriller author. Despite my success, I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom like Jana has, pregnant and abandoned by her low-life boyfriend. I know she needs me to be her sanctuary, especially this Christmas. But how do I hide the feelings I’ve always had for her?

BOOK 8: Mr. and Mrs. Claus by Day and Dre Leclaire
I’m a man intent on forging my own path through life, refusing to join my father’s firm no matter the temptations offered. But Dad plays dirty, especially when he sends an adorable, klutzy Christmas elf to tempt me back into the fold. One Santa-sized problem… I want her to stay, but she has to go.

BOOK 9: A Soldier’s Christmas by Barbara McMahon
I'm only in town for the wedding and to pick up my dog that Cassie has been taking care of while I was deployed. As soon as the “I do’s” are done, I'll be outta here. So, would somebody please explain why Cassie's invitation to spend the holiday with her has me longing for the impossible? Maybe I’ll find my answer under the mistletoe.

Snuggle up with some new holiday favorites FOR JUST 99¢


Going on NOW is Tule Publishing’s 12 Days of Christmas celebration on Facebook. The line-up of participants is awesome, and these generous and creative authors are going above and beyond to make this so very special. As I said, I’m wrapping up the festivities on Christmas Day. If you find yourself with a spare minute, please drop by. I will be LIVE as much as possible, but remember, I’m on the West Coast! I have a super easy recipe I plan to make on New Year’s Eve, along with some prizes.

Please join me here: www.facebook.com/groups/TuleBookClub

Wishing you all the joys of the season however you celebrate!

And last but not least, we are celebrating a birthday this weekend. Our much-adored youngest granddaughter, Della, turns 7. I truly can’t believe how fast the years have flown by.

With love and gratitude for your healing prayers I can already feel,


Next up:

12/28: New Year Reading Resolutions and travel plans

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Bonus Box Set Gift: A Hundred Years or More



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