The True Test of Friendship; A Character Spotlight

I've only done a few of these so far, so I thought it might be time for another. Creating an interesting and believable world is only part of what makes a compelling book. The characters are probably the most important element because they drive the story. If you don't care about the characters or what happens to them, you're probably not going to care about the rest of it either.

Today I'd like to introduce Alaric from Into the Shadow Wood. Though he is a close friend of Einar's, his name did not appear in Journey to Aviad, so no, you didn't miss him. He was a brand new creation just for my novella about Einar's quest.

Alaric is one of those characters (like Einar) who caught me by surprise as I was writing him. I immediately realized that he had a sense of humor--sometimes a bad one, but a sense of humor nonetheless! In a way, he and Einar are opposites. The swordsman vs. the archer, the jokester vs. the serious and contemplative man, the headstrong warrior vs. the thinker. Yet they they have a strong bond of friendship rooted in their fierce loyalty to the Circle, and to the commander who leads them. 

In the novella, I had to push both men, and their friendship, to the breaking point. What becomes of a jokester when there's nothing left to laugh about? What becomes of a thinking man when he no longer knows if his thoughts are real...or if they are even his own? What becomes of a friendship when you can't trust yourself, let alone the other person? I won't tell you how it'll have to read that for yourself. But I will say that even though I had no idea who Alaric was going to be when I started writing, by the time I had finished he had become one of my favorites, and quite real to me. I can only hope that he will connect with all of you as well.

Epic Fail!

I'm not too proud to admit it...I set a huge writing goal for myself during July (for Camp Nano) and totally blew it! Got caught up in a lot of deadlines for work but also just had a hard time focusing on writing. Even my blog has suffered, as some of you may have noticed. But you know what? This is a new month, and just because Camp Nano is over doesn't mean my goals have to change. So I'm going to shake off that epic fail and start fresh with a new (and perhaps more realistic) goal for myself. Onward and upward...I've done this before, so I know I can do it again.  

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One Last Question...

One more question came in on my author interview survey. Someone asked, "I love to listen to books while doing chores, or driving. Would you consider adding audible to your books?"

I would LOVE to do this one day, but sadly cannot afford it yet. Those Audible books cost a couple thousand dollars to produce for a full length novel. I'll have to sell a whole lot more books before I can invest in an audio version.

That being said, Draft2Digital has just announced they are going to partner with Findaway Voices to produce audio books. I will definitely be keeping my eye on that to see if their production costs are more affordable.

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Spindle (Two Monarchies Sequence Book 1)

She’s not a princess . . . but then, he’s no prince.

Polyhymnia is deep in enchanted sleep. High in a tower, behind an impenetrable barrier of magical thorns, she sleeps, dreams, and falls ever deeper into her curse. 

Woken by a kiss, Poly finds herself in an alien world where three hundred years have passed and everyone she has ever known is dead. Luck, the enchanter who woke her, seems to think she is the princess. Understandable, since he found her asleep on the princess’ bed, in the royal suite, and dressed in the princess’ clothes.

Who cursed Poly? Why is someone trying to kill her and Luck? Why can’t she stop falling asleep?

And why does her hair keep growing?

Sometimes breaking the curse is just the beginning of the journey.

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Allison D. Reid, Christian Fantasy Author