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Weekly News Update 10/14/2020
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In the news...
‘New Vision’ for American Church on the Horizon?

The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople temporarily suspended the charter of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and announced that a new committee will be formed to create a new charter — the document that governs the administration of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

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Tensions Flare Up Again in Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey accused Greece of “escalating tensions” in the Eastern Mediterranean as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dispatched a research ship escorted by military vessels into Greek waters.

U.S. State Department Slams Turkish ‘Coercion, Threats, Intimidation’ Against Greece

"Coercion, threats, intimidation, and military activity will not resolve tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. We urge Turkey to end this calculated provocation and immediately begin exploratory talks with Greece." Read more...

Benaki Museum Looking to Australia for Greek Culture Promotion

The largest and oldest private museum in Greece could soon begin developing a "satellite" location in the heart of Melbourne through an ongoing partnership with the Hellenic Museum.

Greek Neo-Nazis Receive Near-Maximum Prison Sentence

A group of leaders from Greece's Golden Dawn neo-Nazi political party received near-maximum prison sentences for running a criminal organization blamed for numerous violent hate crimes.

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U.S. Airlines Already Adding 2021 Athens Flights

Is it too soon to plan your 2021 summer travels to Greece? Some U.S. airlines don't think so and have already added Athens flights to their booking engines.

Digital Art Athina to Bring Greek Artists to Global Stage

One of Europe's oldest modern art fairs has gone digital in 2020 and will open its virtual doors on Thursday, October 15 to present the work of Greek artists to a global audience.

Netflix Drops Trailer for Greek Mythology Anime Series

Anime fans throughout the world are counting down the days to the October 27 release of "Blood of Zeus," the new Netflix animated series that brings together Japanese anime and Greek mythology.

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New Cleopatra Film to Feature Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot

Amid uncertainty about the theatrical release of her upcoming "Wonder Woman" sequel, Gal Gadot said she will star in a new film about yet another powerful woman — the ancient ruler Cleopatra.

Film Review: "An Island Named Desire"

There’s a lot going on in this film with its striking imagery, caustic humor, and cheesy suffering. It's a humane film about the difficulties of living on Kythera, a backwater Greek island which looks like paradise — but isn’t. Read more...

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival Streaming NOW

One of America's largest Greek Film Festivals is streaming dozens of Greek films online until October 15. Grab your popcorn and click here for details.

From Gregory Pappas
Introducing Agourolado
My Very Own Small Batch of Early Harvest Olive Oil from Crete

These unripe olives produce some of the healthiest “agourolado” or “early harvest” olive oil on the planet. I’m producing a small batch of 500 bottles (500ml) harvested from a lush olive grove outside Hania on the island of Crete, which will be bottled in a beautiful stainless steel bottle. If you’re interested to learn more and get on the list to receive some, click below.

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This Week in Food
Chef Maria Loi's Cannellini Bean Soup (Fasolada)

Thanks to New York-based Chef Maria Loi for sharing her recipe for one of our favorite Greek comfort foods — good, old fashioned fasolada, considered the "national soup of Greece."

Chef Cat Cora’s Chicken Kapama

Iron Chef Cat Cora channeled her Greek heritage and her pappou's old recipe to create this delicious chicken kapama, exclusively for Weight Watchers. The final product will not disappoint!

This Week in History
On This Day October 13, 1922
American Red Cross Begins to Support Greek Refugees

In the early 20th century, hundreds of thousands of Greeks fled political persecution in Turkey. For months, the Red Cross fed, clothed, healed and housed many of them. See rare archival photos of the era from the US Library of Congress.

On This Day October 13, 1922
Legendary Singer Nana Mouskouri is Born

Yesterday we wished a happy 86th birthday to legendary singer Nana Mouskouri, who has sold more than 300 million records during her more than 50-year career. Xronia polla, Nana!

On This Day October 10, 2012
NFL Legend Turned TV Star Alex Karras Passes Away

Alex Karras, one of the greatest Detroit Lions players and the son of a Greek immigrant from Chios, passed away eight years ago. Have a look into his fascinating life and career which included NFL success, TV stardom and numerous film appearances.

Book of the Week
Talking Until Nightfall

By Isaac Matarasso and Pauline Matarasso

When Nazi occupiers arrived in Greece in 1941, it was the beginning of a horror that would reverberate through generations. In the city of Salonica (Thessaloniki), almost 50,000 Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps during the war, and only 2,000 returned. A Jewish doctor named Isaac Matarasso and his son escaped imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Nazis and joined the resistance. After the city's liberation they returned to rebuild Salonica and, along with the other survivors, to grapple with the near-total destruction of their community.

Isaac was a witness to his Jewish community's devastation, and the tangled aftermath of grief, guilt and grace as survivors returned home. Talking Until Nightfall presents his account of the tragedy and his moving tribute to the living and the dead.

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