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Faculty Mentor greeting

It is a pleasure to continue in my role as a faculty mentor for the Ohio Fellows and to assume additional responsibilities in coordinating or supporting local, national and international opportunities for the Ohio Fellows. It is our hope to enhance the connections between the current Ohio Fellows and alums of this special program that so credibly inspired passions and innovative thinking, as well as other influential leaders. My colleagues and fellow faculty mentors, Greg Kessler, Lori Marchese, Pete Mather, and I are dedicated to working with the today’s Ohio Fellows, encouraging them to explore their own passions and take chances that will enable them to grow. We are here to provide guidance and support and we take that responsibility seriously.

I look forward to the 2019-20 academic year and the deep conversations that stimulate our minds, whether that occurs in Athens or whenever we are able to interact with Ohio Fellows from all cohorts—whether in Athens, Chicago, New York City, Jackson Hole, or wherever we find each other. Cheers to Ohio Fellows!

Ohio Fellows alum supports travel fund

photo of Dr. Caroline Kane

Dr. Caroline Kane, BS ‘70
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology
University of California, Berkeley
Co-founder, Berkeley Biology Scholars Program

"The Ohio Fellows Program gave me experiences meeting prominent individuals that demystified prominence. While fully respecting each person, I learned that each of them was a typical, normal person who had accomplished amazing things. Perhaps normal me could accomplish amazing things too. Travelling to meet others and to live within other countries and cultures also reveals how all peoples have similar aspirations for health and happiness. Providing Ohio Fellows students with opportunities to travel outside their communities and share the world is a small way of helping future leaders include broad perspectives as they accomplish their own amazing things."

The Ohio Fellows Program thanks alum Caroline Kane for her generous gift which established a special account to support Ohio Fellow student travel. Learn about some of the student experiences supported by this new fund below. 

Reflections on 2018 Ohio Fellows reunion

Ohio Fellows alumni returned to Ohio University for a reunion in June 2018. They share their experiences and perspectives in this video produced by Ohio Fellows alumnus Brett Maszczak.

View photos from last summer's Ohio Fellows reunion at the University Libraries Flickr page.

Fellows highlights

Ohio Fellows contingent attends Belfast conference

DeMarius Rodger in Belfast

DeMarius Rodgers standing next to one of the many murals that have cropped up since the major violence ceased in Belfast

A contingent of Ohio University faculty, staff, and a student affiliated with the Ohio Fellows Program attended and presented at the Twenty-sixth Annual Conference on Learning with the special focus: Learning to Make a Social Difference, held at Queens University in Belfast, UK this summer.

Chris Fowler, recent director of Ohio Fellows; Lori Marchese, Management Information Systems; Greg Kessler, Associate Professor of Education; Pete Mather, Professor of Education; Jerry Miller, Professor of Political Science; and DeMarius Rodgers, Ohio Fellows student, led a workshop titled Engaged Citizenship: The Ohio Fellows as a Model for Non-traditional Scholars Programs.

Fellows gain experiences at Teton Science School

photo of angela lash

Ohio Fellows glimpse their first moose at the Teton Science School

By Mylun Jackson and Claire McGee

The week after Ohio University students finished finals, a group of eight Ohio Fellows traveled to the Grand Teton Mountain Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to study leadership and ecology at the Teton Science School. Accompanied by members of the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, we learned and experienced more than we could have ever imagined.

We landed Sunday at the Grand Teton National Park Airport and were immediately greeted by the overwhelming sight of one of our nation’s greatest natural wonders. Just a few hours later, during our program orientation, we looked outside to see a moose standing just feet away from the building. 

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Mylun Jackson

Mylun Jackson

Claire McGee

Claire McGee

Conference attendance affords opportunities for reflection and growth

By Kennedy Rasberry

In high school, I played around with the idea of becoming a lawyer. I could picture myself as a lawyer for the ACLU. In the courtroom, I would ferociously represent my client in the biggest civil rights lawsuit of the century. Or maybe, I would picture myself drinking the celebratory glass of champagne after making partner at a big law firm, having closed the huge deal with a nameless Fortune 500 company.

Evidently, I watched far too many law dramas. However, those shows made the law career irresistible. The lawyers on television were always polished, always possessed a perpetual composure and the power to enact change. In my eyes, lawyers were basically superheroes with briefcases.

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Recent Ohio Fellows alum reflects on his journey

Zak Blumer and his band Clubhouse

Zak Blumer (left) and his band Clubhouse

By Zak Blumer
Class of 2018

I was a drummer before I was ever aware of it. The whole world was a percussive palette. If my fingers weren’t thumping to the beat of songs on the car radio, my hands would be tapping away on my own body to songs in my head.

I owe all of my growth in both music and academia to my family. In fact, it was my parents who ultimately suggested that I take drum lessons. I remember vividly going to the music store for the first time, picking out a set of used congas (large Cuban hand drums), and playing them for hours once I got home. When I started on hand drums, my twin brother, Ari, was becoming interested in acoustic guitar. We took lessons every week for years. Eventually I transitioned from hand drums to the standard drum kit, and we began taking lessons together, once a week, learning how to play songs as a group and developing further. As Ari and I pushed each other along in our musicianship, we pushed just as hard to excel academically. It was like a competition between us as to who would have the slightly better grade on each test we took, or each homework assignment we submitted. We have subconsciously competed like this for as long as I can remember, and it is likely the most important reason for any academic success we had along the way.

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