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Today's email is HEAVY with value.

I'm sharing with you my TOP strategies for transforming your website into the marketing tool it's meant to be.

These are the strategies I implement for all of my life coach clients to help them scale to the six-figure mark.

[All of these strategies have a more in-depth blog post where I go into greater detail. So click the linked posts if you want more explanation.]

Are you ready to dig in?!

Here's how to use your website as a strategic marketing tool:

First off, you must create a highly-targeted lead capture strategy on your website.

You'll do this by offering a free download that is highly relevant to your target market.

Make it easy for your website visitors to get the download by only asking for relevant information.

Then deliver that download to their inbox right away.

Read more about how to set up effective lead capture here.

Next, you'll welcome those website leads into your email list using an autoresponder.

Autoresponders are simply the emails that are AUTOMATICALLY sent to someone after they submit their email on your website.

We hear a lot about funnels in online marketing. 

An autoresponder is a CRUCIAL PART of a coach's marketing funnel. 

It's how you welcome subscribers into your list and into your coaching practice. 

Read more about how autoresponders fit into a marketing strategy here.

Not to worry, these emails will be automated with marketing software.

You do NOT want to have to manually send these autoresponders, my friend, every time someone joins your list.

Imagine sending out an email every time someone submitted their email on your website!

Once you got past 20 or 30 people (which doesn't take long) you'd be losing your mind.

No, you will set up an email service to take care of all of this for you.

Read about how to pick a marketing email service here.

In your autoresponders, you will offer strategic value and encourage the next step.

Your autoresponder emails will deliver the free download.

They will also offer additional free value. Because giving value beforehand is what will really build loyalty and trust with website leads.

Then you will encourage leads to take the next step, which is to take your free coaching session offer.  

Read my step-by-step guide for what to write in autoresponders here.

Lastly, you'll continue to provide free value to the lead on a consistent basis.

After someone has finished getting all of your autoresponder emails, you will send them consistent (preferably weekly) emails.

In these emails, you will provide more value and remind them of your free coaching session offer.

That's how you nurture website leads. With VALUE.

Sending these weekly emails doesn't have to take long. 

Read a method that's helping coaches send newsletters 3x faster here.

You've got this, my friend.

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