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Shadow and Flame: A Reverse Harem Draconic Romance

The Elders demand a queen who can put dragonkind first.
They want me trained and fit to rule. No distractions.
But when one of my mates loses someone he holds dear, abiding by their demands is the last thing on my mind.

Dragonkind's worst enemy has taken Chase's sister. The innocent girl faces torments worse than death. And it's tearing Chase apart.

My only wish is to take away his pain, but he pushes me away every time I reach for him. One of my boys is hurting and my protective instincts spark. I don't just want to comfort Chase. I want to tear my way through the Chosen with claw and fang to rescue his sister.

The Elders want me to stay out of it. They insist they have the situation under control. They claim I must focus on training to become the ruler dragonkind needs and ignore my lover's agony.

Fat. Effing. Chance.
Time is running out.
My boys and I are riding in to the rescue. No matter the cost.

Shadow and Flame is the third book in the Arysia Bellmont series.


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