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Where the heck has all the arch support gone?  Yes, authors wear shoes, too!

Go to any shoe department, from cheapy discount stores to designer central shopping, and you'll find rows of flats that are…well ... flat.  Did the Shoe Gods decide homo-sapiens now have duck-paddle feet?

Dear Shoe Gods-Even middle-aged women like me want to wear cute, strappy sandals. In desperation, I launched a hunt for the elusive Humpbacked Sandal, not seen in North America for some 8-10 years.  

Being a working girl and on a budget, I started at discount stores.  All I needed was the pair at the door you slip on to wear in the house; so anything not dog-ugly with arch support would do.

All the stores ending in ‘mart’ housed rows of flat rubber, flat man-made leather, and flat cardboard. Grrr! I mentally prepared to cough up real money for a pair of house sandals blessed with the nearly extinct hump in the sole. Yikes!

Von Maur and Younkers displayed stylish, pretty versions of humpless thongs.  Despite coupons and sales galore, the sandal aisles had no shoppers. At least, shopping was easy. 

Finally, I hit Dillard’s shoe department--sans sale.  I bumped into women right and left. As one tried on a pair of plain-looking Vionic thongs, she actually moaned. ARCH!  Waiting for her to leave the blessed critters behind, I loitered nearby.  She looked at me and said, “These are magic!”

“How much,” I asked.

“$80 and I don’t care!”

Remember the part about working and budget?  I scoured the area for something more affordable. On the other side of the shoe department, the more common species, the Hump-free Sandal, lined shelf after shelf.  Those aisles were customer free, too.

Back to Humpbacked territory teeming with desperate women.  An “Oh yeah,” sounded behind me.  The lady had cornered a Dansko Hump-back thong. 

Finally, I had my own to try. I slid my feet into them, and an inhuman sound of pleasure passed my lips. I packed the little darlings up.

A voice on my left said, “What style is that?”

“MINE! The style is MINE!” I growled, clutching the cardboard box to my body. With an added smile, that was supposed to say, "I'm joking", I happily went to the check out to wait in line behind the other successful hump-back hunters.  

Where else can a girl find arch support? Let me know!



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Be careful what you wish for…

Shifter Edi Campbell’s wish—not to let memories affect her future— spectacularly backfired and left Edi emotionless and numb to the world. That is until Reef, the pod’s Alpha issues a terrible mandate.

For years, Reef terrorized her people into submission, but his declaration that she must become his mate for the Good of the Clan puts Edi’s life in jeopardy.  Reef’s prior mates had a habit of dying shortly after the ceremony.

When members of the pod risk everything to help her escape, Edi flees Scotland, seeking help at Lupinski Clan headquarters in America. There, she meets Jeff Lupinski, an omega whose touch brings back lost feelings, causing her to realize the first wish suppressed more than emotions.

But when Reef shows up demanding surrender—in exchange for her loved ones’ freedom—Edi must decide: Will she save the pod by sacrificing her fate to their tyrannical ruler or grasp the power within herself and overcome Reef’s evil?

If you’re a fan of Charlaine Harris, Georgette St. Clair, or Milly Taiden, you’ll love the Lupinski Clan series.

 *Fateful Wish can be read stand-alone.

*Warning: The Lupinski Clan novels are for a mature audience. They include explicit language, sexual situations, and is fated mate series.



by Annora Wilson

Werepire Reverse Harem Romance--a trilogy

(Buy Links below)

Book I

To save myself, I must kill my own heartbeat...

I was that unique breed, the 'werepire' a rare and powerful one

that was made from a deadly and impossible combination of a Vampire and a Werewolf.

But I am no more than a sin to them. I am desperately trying to seek some answers, whilst my unknown enemies are on the prowl to destroy me, if I want to survive them, I need to know myself first.

Join Ingrid in her exciting game of life and death and see how she plays with her own fate…

Book I Excerpt

The world always appeared to be etched in charcoal, and I felt like a stranger in it. Such a black and white kind of place suffocated me with its absence of vibrant hues. An unbearable pain radiated through my body as the fear of the unknown and the wretched memories attached to it, pinched several holes into my defenseless soul.

He knew of my soul shattering agony. In fact, he made me believe he understood my pain better than anyone ever had, but that didn't seem to matter. In the blink of an eye, he'd tossed me right into the arms of darkness.

The darkness consumed me as I found myself running through an unknown forest from enemies I'd never seen. They were as strange to me as these narrowed twisting and winding paths shrouded in an ominous veil of darkness. The padding of my feet synced with the beat of my pulse while I ran from the horrors behind me. There was no escape as I pushed through an endless row of giant pine trees.

"Don't look back!" I whispered to myself, but the sounds of my heart thumping against my eardrums with the frantic pace of my steps overshadowed my weak voice.

The adrenaline surging through my body compelled me to run, to run at my full speed in a desperate attempt to escape them. But, I knew I couldn’t. I couldn’t escape, and I couldn’t keep up this pace forever. Even my full strength was falling short in front of those beasts of the night. My aunt always taught me to trust the power inside of me. She told me that the belief in myself was far stronger than any force in this whole universe. But, I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t believe. My confidence waned as my fear engulfed every stride. I didn’t know who I was, so how could I believe in myself?

Blood pumped through my bruised feet while fear pushed me to keep running from the hungry howls of night creatures, still in the distance. They were getting closer with each passing second. I had no idea how much more pressure my aching body could handle. I knew that I was fighting a lost battle. They were the shadows of the devil. It would take them less than a minute to kill me, but something inside me refused to accept defeat.

"I don't want to die like this," I cried with my broken voice, aiming for the sky with tears ready to break free. My pained prayer would bounce back off the midnight clouds wafting by. I knew no one was there. No one was listening, but still, I prayed, hoping this wouldn’t be the end for me.

While my mind willed this not to be my demise, my body couldn’t bear to stand anymore. I had to stop running. Every muscle fiber in my body ached and throbbed as I slowed my pace hoping for a moment to rest. The snow blanketing the ground looked like a plush blanket, but it stung with the power of a thousand needles as I collapsed into it. A giant pine tree gave me its trunk to lean against. Every breath was painful to take as my chest heaved up and down from exhaustion and fatigue. My teeth chattered with the winter night. The cold bark was hard on my back, yet it soothed me. And for a moment, it felt like the world stood still. The silence was comforting yet horrifying at the same time. I had no idea what the next moment would bring.

I didn’t want to look back, but I just had to know. How far away were the beasts of the night? Had I been able to lose them? The slight hint of moonlight on the dove-gray sky glistened off the soft snow like glitter twinkling across white sand. It wasn’t until my hazy vision came into focus that I saw the red stained footprints against the white blanket of fluffy ice; footprints that belonged to me.  My eyes widened in alarm. Great! Now it won’t even take them a minute to find me, I thought while banging my head against the rough bark of the pine tree. The distant sound of howling turned into an aggressive and urgent grunting. I needed nothing else to perceive that the bunch of werewolves had found me and were ready to rip my heart out of my exhausted body.

I had no idea how many miles I had run. I couldn’t take another step, but I had to try. I managed to push myself off the ground, but as soon as I stepped away from the tree, my feet slipped. I lost my balance and fell. My face crashed into the icy ground. The snow underneath my face burned a bright shade of scarlet as blood leaked from my mouth. It’s metallic taste swarmed around my tongue before the pain burst through my face. Sorrow gripped my heart as the shadow of a tall figure materialized in front of me. I knew who it was and what he wanted. I had reached a dead end and now there was no escaping.


BOOK I             BOOK II           BOOK III 

About Annora--

Thank you for stopping by to read about me. My name is Annora, I was a studious girl in my high school, I always loved to read and write stuff. I used to write stories when I was in school. Now, when I look back, they seem quite amusing to me :):). When I got into college, I pursued my passion for writing, I really loved it as a hobby. Then Twilight came out. I absolutely loved the series. I finally found the genre that I loved. Somehow these vampire, werewolves and paranormal genre, in general, intrigued me so much.
I love to see how human relations work, I have always been fascinated with the human psychology. When I write my characters, I get to know them much better. I get to know how they feel, how they perceive. This helps me a lot to understand myself and people around me. So my writing is like an Emotion Lab for me believe me, It has taught me so much!

I hope you like my work, Please feel free to contact me, I am always open to chats and discussions.

Connect with Annora below: 

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