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Dear Friends,

Thank YOU all for visiting in May. It was wonderful to see you all!

We are going to continue with the GIVEAWAYS. Due to delivery delays, we started later than anticipated and we are continuing in June with our 'free stuff'.
We hope you don't mind ;-)
We also added some 50% off items! - see below


Happy Father's Day!

Pleasure Island will be closed on the 

21.June 2020, for Father's Day


We are filling up our grab baskets again and trying to keep them full for the whole month.

We have an assortment of toys and other items. Replenishing with different  items throughout June, just to keep things more interesting.

FREE with minimum purchase of $50
Value of items between $20 and $30

One per purchase/day and not in combination with any other offers.

All sales/giveaways are while supplies last - we only have so many in stock.


Invented and used since immemorial times by geishas, Très Chic balls are conceived to bring heightened pleasure to everything to do with the vagina.  Kegel exercises, known around the world to strengthen this region, are now easy to do simply by wearing Très Chic balls. 

Reg. Price $29.99

NOW ONLY $14.99

Hot Caress Warming Massage Oils 4oz

Hot Caress was designed for a warming, stimulating, and delicious massage.

Hot Caress is meant to be applied to specific areas of the body to exhilarate the senses. Spread over the sensitive parts of the body because the warming effect is felt almost instantly. Surprise your partner by massaging the oil and blowing on it, it will get even hotter. 

Reg. Price $14.99  NOW ONLY $7.99             different flavors available


The water based lubricant ViVi Lube is inspired by the natural vaginal lubrication. This lubricant is the best for your skin. Hundreds of tests took him to the top of comfort and safety. This lubricant is indispensable during sexual intercourse, or with the use of your sex toys. Totally compatible with condoms, odorless, tasteless, it is perfect for all sensitive skins requiring a balanced pH.

Reg. price $29.99 NOW ONLY $12.99

Joke of the Month

Q: Daddy, why are all those cars beeping their horns?

A: Because there's a wedding going happening.

Q: Don't we beep the horn a warning signal, Daddy?

A: Exactly, son.

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