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Pillow Talk - April After All

For those of us who've transformed our homes into full-time office spaces over the last month, the days have begun to blur and time has taken us for a spin, it seems. 

How is it April already? One thing is for sure, it definitely doesn't feel like April.

While it has its perks, self-isolation has made it even easier for us to be consumed by our own problems and lose touch of what's happening in the lives outside our doors. And, with so much negativity on the news, most of us want to hide from all of it, anyway. While we have been asked to maintain distance, there are still many creative ways to be involved and maintain connections (more on that below).

We're not here to tell you everything is just fine--we are in this chaos with each of you, as well. These are definitely strange times. This is likely to be a season like we've never known before. But we'd like to look back someday and see how we grew from it, to know we did what we could to keep spirits high in the face of uncertainty. Where there is a will, there is a way to make a fraction of an impact.

Please stay in touch virtually. Know that we are still available; our shop is open online and our social media welcomes you. We care about our customers. We miss your radiant smiles. Above all, we hope and pray each one of you is fairing this storm well.

                                                                                                                Uniik-ly yours,

                                                                                                                            The Gals                                              

Quarantine Creations

There's a shortage of masks, 

surely you've heard.

Sewing them is our task,

go spread the word!

Colorful patterns,

Comfort all day

We care for our frontline,

let's help them this way!

We may be few, but we have a skill and we're putting it to good use! Local medical professionals everywhere are running out of supplies and we don't all need medical masks to go to the store! So we are here to answer the call and lend a helping hand.  We've turned our little workshop into a mask producing shop! 

These hand sewn, high quality masks are $15 each, the cup style is $20 (solid black design on the bottom right).   Since supplies of fabrics are limited, we will be creating various mattern styles.  However, when they're gone, they're gone.  So be sure to get what you need!

Know a nurse or two? Feel free to grab a few to share--purchase 4 and get the 5th one free!

Spring into the Season

We know, it's hard to focus on anything but the pandemic lately, but that doesn't mean we need to cancel Easter

Maybe you won't have the whole extended family over for dinner this year, but there are other ways to celebrate! Bust out some lawn games, work on a spring-inspired puzzle, plant some seeds, do some baking, or create baskets of essential items to donate to those in need.

Why not make the best of staying home by making your abode as fresh and delightful as possible?   Isolate - Decorate!

Choose pillows from our vintage postcard designs, pretty pastels, floral patterns, or beautiful bird collections to liven up the dull décor you've been staring at for days. 

A tiny update can go a long way in boosting your #quarantine mood!

Whatever you do, be sure to tag @uniikpillows to keep us updated, for a chance to be featured.

Share your UniikPillow with us and be entered to 

win a monthly drawing of a cover of choice! 

Send via Instagram or email

If you haven't yet seen or heard, we started something new! Because we love supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs like us, each Saturday we feature a fellow artist 

we come across on our Insta-stories. Follow us on Instagram to get in contact with some amazing new businesses.  Know another local company who'd like to be featured?  Drop us a line!

April Showers

As we said above, Buy 4 masks & get the 5th one free!

April's deal of the month is all about supporting our community and those who serve it selflessly every day. Help us give back during this time of need!

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