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Forecast for the Coming Storm

Hey Folks, It's December and I am looking at having completed a full year of monthly newsletters, this year we have talked about Kestic, Land of Monsters, and Teretal, Land of Beasts. We talked about Hell, Heaven, Vampires and Goats, Immortality, Reader Appreciation, The Manhunters Omnibus, and the twisting turning world of patterns and crossover in my work. Whew, we had a busy year. If you are a latecomer to any of these topics then you can pull up old issues and catch up with us.

Looking back is fun but I think looking forward is more funner. Is that a word? Anyway instead of sitting here talking about all the places we have been, I would like to forecast the year to come and let you know what is in the mix for next year.

I really enjoyed putting out a newsletter. It allowed me to talk about things I just had no forum to discuss. So I will be continuing my monthly letter. In the year coming up we will talk about the breadth and depth of my world, works to come, my take on Purgatory, and writing the female character.

The project that has me most excited is Legends of the Exiles. This is my next release and it comes out with a bang. The piece is about four women trying to survive and thrive in a male-dominated society. It is a culture I have been developing for close to a decade and will take you into an entirely new section of my world. This book tells the story of their quests for meaning and love and the sacrifices they make to find a place in a world not built for them. It is a revealing look into the female mind and I am so excited about it.

Along with that story will come two others based on the same culture. One is a song (yes, I wrote a song); it is a drinking song called The Goats of Breastion. I touched on it this last year here in my newsletter. I will be making it available as it is a feature in Legends of the Exiles. Also there will be a novella I will keep exclusive for this newsletter only.

This novella, called The Savage, will pick up where Dead Girl left off and will show us what happened to Ellen and Tulbo. It will only be available here on this newsletter for free. It is not slated to be released to the public until October 5th, 2028.

All together that is 580 pages of new content coming out on April 15th 2019.

In October I will be releasing the first book in a new series. I have been working on it for eight years. It is huge, a sweeping five-book epic about a war fought between a military state bent on domination and destruction and a nation steeped in history and lore. The entire epic series is finished and will be released one book every six months until the final release on October 5th 2021.

This is getting long, so I will only mention one other thing coming this year. As of this week I am starting an instagram account. Now you have to be patient with me as I have no idea what I am doing, but I am excited for a chance to get to show you a deeper more intimate glimpse into my every day life and the environment I work in.

Thanks for coming with me this last year, and if you are just getting here, hold on, because just as I have been saying for two and a half years now, there is a lot more coming.

The Nation of Jesse Teller

For those of you who would like to get even more involved with my work and my world there is a fan club Facebook group called The Nation of Jesse Teller. Come look us up. We’d love to have you.

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