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Adara Hagman's 11.20. Update

My favourite moment this month was this: 

Running through the forest to a lake during sunset.

I felt present. I felt grateful. & I let myself soak in the moment.

This wasn't my first time feeling this way. It happens often when I spend time adventuring in the outdoors and for micro-moments during my day-to-day when I realize how grateful I am to be able to do a lot of things I love.  

It's the little things: A good late-night convo, being introduced to new music, and the choices I make on how to spend my time. The things I often take for granted: They matter the most. Key learning - be more intentional (about being present, practicing gratitude, and how I spend my time).

Looking back to last November, I was a very different human doing different things. I'm so grateful for the experiences that helped me internalize the importance of the things I do. What I chose to do last year led me to become who I am today and allows me to spend my time doing the things I love + that get me closer to my goals. 

Today, I know that I still have so much to figure out and how important being intentional is in enjoying + investing my time. 

Thank you for stopping by my November mini update. πŸ’œ 

In this newsletter, you'll find: 

1. My November Learnings

2. How I (Intentionally) Spent My Time 

3. Little Things I Enjoyed This Month/Recommendations

4. What I'm Excited About For December

Learnings I'm Bringing On My Journey

1. Focus on what you can control. Unexpected events will always happen. The best I can do is focus on what is in my control + take things one step at a time. Everything else doesn't deserve the energy.

2. The importance of building. Internalized that what makes me interesting is the things I do. I'm taking steps to enter build mode.

3. Don't take life so seriously. It's okay to need to take a step back sometimes. It's also okay to do things just because you enjoy them. 

    What I've Been Up To: 

    • Spoke at IBM's Evoke Conference on Moonshots + SDGs
    • Interviewed Natalie Panek (whom I look up to sooo much) who works in space robotics and automation at MDA
    • Month three of year three of my Olympic-level problem-solving training at TKS. New this month: started mentoring two students in the Foundation's program, did a mock Harvard Business School case study, joined the Accelerate program for accelerated training πŸ˜‰, and building new relationships.
    • Moved from my focus in sustainable energy production to focus on piezoelectricity!
    • Learning about the patent process and deep-diving into battery technology for a mini-challenge at TKS. 
    • Had fun attending the 2020 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Virtual Awards Gala and learned from the award recipients. Thank you Jan Frolic and Dan Jacobs for the ticket!
    • Participated in a brainpod with John Cohn (MIT-IBM Watson AI Laboratory) - he wrote a blog that mentioned the brainpod.
    • Did some 3D Modelling on Sketch Up to build my skills.
    • Finished my environmental science course at my online high school. Was such a good course. 
    • Watching sunsets and spending time with loved ones. 

    Mid-Update Little Things Break 🌞

    What's Next

    Piezoelectricity - understanding piezoelectricity's fundamentals, technical challenges, and starting to find ways to address them.

    Batteries - finishing research and a deck on batteries. 

    Female-Self-Awareness - starting to track various personal metrics (e.g. workouts, productivity, mood, and the luteinizing hormone) as a part of a female-self-awareness project started by Isabella Grandic. Really pumped for this!

    Programming - getting back into programming. Finishing my new personal website and learning React. 

    YOUNGA - finishing my delegation at the United Nation's Youth General Assembly. Filming a video as part of the climate action recommendation and attending the VR Global Broadcast.

    December Intention: Build Mode

    Work on building things that help me move towards my goals.

      That's a wrap for this update. Thank you for reading. Want to set up virtual coffee (or peppermint mocha)? - my Calendly. Now go be intentional.

      Happy Holidays! πŸ’œ

      - Astro Girl

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