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Does summer always seem to fly by for you? Kids are at home, in most places the weather is much nicer, everyone is outside -- I love it. What about you? I’ve started a discussion on Facebook -- tell me about your summer. Is it your favorite time of year or do you look forward to the fall?

Last newsletter I promised to share with you the sweet version of this cover -- and here it is! What do you think? I love this one, and it is perfect for our heroine, who you will meet very soon.

In the meantime, I have some suggested reading for you below!

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Sweet & Wholesome


Saved by the Scoundrel

By Rose Pearson

Although she never thought of herself as one of the lucky ones, Caroline Devonshire’s life could have been in a much dire state than it was at the age of 18. Orphaned when young, her older brother managed to secure her a home under the watchful eye of the widowed tavern owner, Mrs. Beeson, before setting off for war in France. And while her brother’s absence would prove to be a trial, Caroline managed to survive and thrive in her less than ideal surroundings.

Although she tries to keep foolish dreams in check, Caroline secretly hopes to live an adventurous life beyond the Smithfield Market, beyond London, and even beyond England. That is, until her brother, Peter, finally returns home for good and shows himself to have become the type of rogue that a life of adventure can breed. Worse still is Peter’s companion, a certain Lord Timothy Brandeis, who though cherishing a strong and special bond with Caroline’s brother through the war, is also partially responsible for her brother’s current standing as a scoundrel and a rogue.

Even though this handsome and charming man proves to be little better than the louts Caroline deals with every day, she finds it hard to not look his way in a manner that doesn’t escape the eyes of Ms. Beeson. Things become even more complex when Lord Bradeis’ duties as the second son of a Marquis force him to make an appearance at his family home and Caroline is shocked to find that this roguish Lord has a rather adventurous request to make of her. Soon she’ll need to collect all her wits to manage in a realm her active imagination had never dared to take her: the world of le bon ton in Regency Era England. 

Welcome to the world of the Smithfield Market in Regency Era London, a new standalone series by Rose Pearson.

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The Deceptive Earl

By Isabella Thorne

Lady Charity is the last of her friends to marry, and this summer, she finds Bath lonely. When Lady Charity Abernathy meets Lord Neville Wentwell, she thinks he is a rogue and a scoundrel who has ruined more than one Lady. She wants nothing but to give him the cut. 

Lord Neville Wentwell thinks Lady Charity is outrageous; a woman on the prowl for a husband, and he will have none of it. He has been hurt before… He will not play by her rules, or the ton’s. But when Lady Charity needs his help, Neville understands and rallies and Charity wonders if she had made a mistake that she cannot repair.

Can love flourish amidst the problems of Neville’s PTSD suffering brother and her Alzheimer's ridden father? Add in two future mother's-in-law who would make Napoleon seem like a sweetheart and their happily ever after seems absolutely impossible. But of course, nothing is impossible to a woman like Charity.
Once Charity has seen the man behind Neville’s devil may care exterior, nothing can keep her from having him, not war nor disease, not even her mother or his! 

Isabella is offering a $50 Amazon Gift Card as prize for a random drawing of all readers who PRE-ORDER The Deceptive Earl.  All you have to do is email her your Amazon confirmation email or a screenshot of their order and you will be entered in the drawing to be held on Release Day (August 15th).  

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