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#4, 1-30 April, 2019



Georgia and the World, April 4,
Vazha Otarashvili, Alliance of Patriots: "As a result of this government's traitorous policy, 36 hectares of land was sold to the Arabs near  the village of Lamiskana, while the Martkopi field has been bought by a Turkish firm, Okutfasha well below the market price. Why is it that our “law defenders” non-governmental organizations don't ask the question: is the countries nationals interest taken into account while making these decisions?  Why were the Chinese quarters built around Tbilisi Sea? I am not saying anything about the fact that the architectural appearance of the city is destroyed with these constructions.In recent years tens of thousands of foreigners have been granted Georgian citizenship, which is already felt on the streets. For a small nation like Georgia, it's a demographic disaster . 

Obieqtivi, Gamis studia, April 1
Akaki Asatiani, Traditionalists' Union: “We are facing demographic catastrophe, people are migrating from Georgia and alien migrants are pouring in from abroad. There is nothing worse we could do to ourselves, then what we are doing  now.”  



Georgia and the World, April 5,
Ardallion Khaadze, author: "How could they sign a pact that would force us to take in refugees and provide them with decent conditions? Or why are they silent about the demographic catastrophe that threatens the nation?" 


Obieqtivi, Gamis studia,  April 1
Nino Ratishvili, journalist: “In most countries no weapon is needed any more, right? Not even the atomic bomb ... It is very often enough, in the case of Georgia  these migrants, are enough,   their unstoppable entry in the country. For example the Chinese people. "


Civil Society Organisations

Georgia and the World, April 24,
Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Union of Human Rights Defenders: "Georgia has not yet had such a cold blooded government. Nothing bothers them, they  happily accept the fact that  Georgians leaving the country and then they are happily accepting Arabs, Iranians, Turks instead. IT used to make me happy to seeing new buildings and construction sights  before, it doesn't any more, because most of the people living in these new buildings, 70 percent of them are Iranians, Indians or other foreigners. No one is thinking about what will happen after Iranians settle here, even now they are saying that Georgia is their territory, who knows what they will do in the future?"


Alia, April 1-7
Lia Tsurtsumia, a professor: “There is no need for Georgians to elect Dutch person [Sandra Ruloves] as a mayor of Zugdidi. This would be a shameful for us especially for people from Zugdidi…. Foreigner shouldn't be elected in our hometown.” 



Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, 11 April,
David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Alliance of  Patriots: “We are losing Adjara. Turks own everything there and Adjarians are becoming their servants. We are living in this disastrous situation. Instead of bringing back Tao-Klarjeti region into Georgian borders, someone is always taking something from us.”

Alia, April 15-21
Zurab Jorbenadze, mayoral candidate in Khulo: “90% of people are forced to work as slaves in Turkey. This situation has been going on for years, and it has caused a new generation to form misleading and wrong attitudes towards Turkey. The Upper Adjara region is in complete disarray, and Turkish expansion is getting stronger. "

Civil Society Organizations

Obieqtivi, News,  March 29,
Tengiz Tavdgiridze, Muslim and Christian Brothers for the Preservation of Georgia's Unity: “This is another step backwards for the country. We have information that children from the age of 2 are admitted to these [Turkish] boarding schools on a daily basis. Then they are sent to Istanbul at the age of 7. I am surprised by our government's lack of attention to this. Turks, the Turkish state and [Fethullah] Gulen are not taking care of these  children for the benefit of our country, this is a fact. There are no assurances that there is no danger in this fact and it doesn't  pose any threat to our country."



Asaval-Dasavali, April 15-21
Jeffrey Silverman, Veterans Today: "In the case of  conflict in Georgia, according to the Kars Treaty, Turkey will seize the Adjara region. In Turkish schools students are taught that Adjara is part of Turkey and it is also shown on some maps too."

Discrimination on Religious grounds


Asaval-Dasavali, April 15-21
Giorgi Gigauri, a journalist: “In our schools, our children are thrown directly into the jaws of Jehovah's witnesses! Here are the facts: This is a textbook for natural science in fourth grade, where there is a seemingly harmless task on  page 85 ... In your opinion, what is the Internet address [] for, from which our 10 years old children read articles about the first animals on earth?! This is no more or less a link to the website of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect! And I can say with complete assurance that this is done deliberately ... It wasn't enough for them that Jehovah's witnesses are coming to our homes and  shoving their Satanic "religion" with impunity; it wasn't enough that practically near every metro station these heretics have their stand with literature in broad daylight... And now, They are letting Jehovah's witnesses to hunt for our children's souls.” 



Imedi, Qronika, April 3,
Emzar Kvitsiani, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: " I would like to remind you the words Patriarch said  about this anti-discrimination law, [law that aims to prevent discrimination against LGBT community] how can illegality be legalized? It is a great sin to legalize it. I am obliged to say that no believer will accept such a law. "


Public Broadcaster, Moambe, April 16
Giorgi Andriadze, National-Christian Movement: "Anti-discrimination does not mean, that this perverted and ugly  lifestyle [meaning LGBT community] should be advertised and moreover forced on younger generation.” 



Asaval-Dasavali, April 1-7
Giorgi Gigauri, a journalist: “Whatever the names these faggots and lesbians might call themselves  - transgender or transzonder - for all normal Orthodox (and non-Orthodox) people they all  still will be sodomites! They are genetic trash! Yes, I do not exaggerate - it is a rotten branch of a tree that it must be cut before the rot spreads through the whole tree "

Georgia and the World, April 10,
Darejan Andriadze, author: "Georgia does not need such changes, it is not a way of development and progress, it is a way of Satan! If the majority of Western Europeans support same-sex marriage, 95% of Georgians oppose it. LGBT people and their sick demands are strongly opposed by Georgian public, and we urge the legislative branch to refrain from discussing these issues. Georgia is a kind of country where people are not afraid to break the laws that are acceptable for the public." 

Civil society organizations

Alia, April 8-14
Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “We will take everyone out in the streets to prevent a gay parade. We will use non-violent methods ... The plan is this: thousands of people will take over the streets of Tbilisi and they [LGBT community] will not be allowed to have demonstration. We urge event organizers to cancel the gay parade. We're starting the fight and we're not going to stop. "

Alia, April 15-21
David Nemsadze, Civilian Control Group of  Armed Forces: "You [George Gakharia] are defending the rights of gays more valiantly than you defend rights of veterans ... You are the state minister, who instead of serving law enforcement, declared the right of faggots as  your top priority."

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Georgia and the World, April 17,
Giorgi Razmadze, a priest: "In his speech [to the Council of Europe] he [Mamuka Bakhtadze] referred to people who oppose to gay lifestyle propaganda  as marginal extremist groups. Bakhtadze told the whole world that the majority of Georgian population, including traditional christian church and  patriarch are marginal extremists. And then these shameless people are attending Easter mass in holy trinity church with patriarch and are talking about family values…  I think that the time has come and  gone, when  they managed to stay in power using such cheap political tricks. Such a double game won't stand any more because, at last people understand who they are. As for May 17, no matter what  Bakhtadze might report to Strasbourg, I'm sure a sensible part of society will come out and defend their healthy future, together with the representatives of the clergy. " 

დისკრიმინაციული გამოხატვის მაგალითები სრულად იხილეთ ვებ-გვერდზე:

ბიულეტენი მომზადდა მედიის განვითარების ფონდის (MDF) მიერ, საქართველოს გაეროს ასოციაციისა და აშშ საერთაშორისო განვითარების სააგენტოს „ტოლერანტობის, სამოქალაქო ცნობიერების და ინტეგრაციის მხარდაჭერის“ პროგრამის ფარგლებში.

მოცემული შეხედულებები და მოსაზრებები ეკუთვნის მედიის განვითარების ფონდს (MDF) და არ უნდა აღიქმებოდეს, როგორც აშშ საერთაშორისო განვითარების სააგენტოსა და საქართველოს გაეროს ასოციაციის ოფიციალურ პოზიციად.

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