As you might know NomadMania is a firm supporter of Ukraine. So, with a deep desire to demonstrate a strong commitment to Ukraine and to showcasing its beauty, relevance and independence as a country, we decided to conduct a special event in Ukraine this Autumn.


First of all it is an educational visit for foreigners. But most importantly we are happy to announce that our next NomadMania Travel Awards ceremony will be held live – for the first time ever – in Lviv, Ukraine on October 20th.

It is like Oscar in the world of travel. The NomadMania Travel Awards are meant to celebrate travelling efforts for the past year. And it's a BIG deal that we are hosting it in Lviv. 


Moreover, we managed to organise a special deal for Ukrainians who wish to visit our Awards Gala event only on October 20th in Lviv. 

So, you re welcome. Check out the details here and hope to see you in Lviv.


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