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November 21, 2020

On the Homefront

This last week saw some terribly windy days in our neighbourhood. Unfortunately, as a result, our gazebo was slightly damaged. I just happened to be sitting in our office, typing away, when a massive gust of wind blew by. I have a window that looks into the backyard, so imagine my surprise when the entire structure suddenly moved and then fell over!

Needless to say, we have since taken it down, not the easiest of tasks when the wind is blowing. There is some minor damage to the metal frame, but we should be able to get it repaired in the spring. Next year I suppose we’ll have to secure it with some tie-downs.

Daisy and Tilly, on the other hand, have been loving the weather lately!

Did you miss my Facebook Live on November 16?

This past Monday I shared ten of my most favourite Christmas movies, hopefully in time for you to catch a few

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Did you know?

On weekends when I was young (in my teens), I used to go to our local community college and game with friends. I met people there who I still have friendships with now, but the most important one was the man who eventually became my brother-in-law. That's right, I met my wife, Carol, through her brother who I used to game with. Small world!

Do you have an interesting story of how you met your significant other? I would love to hear it!

Upcoming New Releases

Heir to the Crown: Book Eight

Releases: December 22, 2020
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The Frozen Flame: Book Four

Releases: May 25, 2021
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Book Sizes

This week we ordered the print version of several of my books for a friend, and I must admit to being very surprised to see how thick Temple Knight was. It’s one thing to look at a computer screen and see the page count, quite another to actually hold the printed version in your hands.

That led me to wonder how big the large print version would be. We currently offer the first three books in the Heir to the Crown series in this format, and those books are more than twice the size of the regular print. That would make Temple Knight a hefty tome indeed. As a side note, the rest of the large print editions will be available before the end of the year.

All of this got me thinking about book sizes. If I were to take Temple Knight and make it the traditionally published size (which is roughly 7” x 4”), I think it would be well over 500 pages! We are thinking of trying it in the future. Who out there would be interested?

Free Short Story Just for You!

For the next little while, Daisy and TIlly have decided that you deserve a free story or two just because you are awesome! And yes, that is what they said, trust me. (Congrats to John who won last week's giveaway!)

To start Daisy & Tilly's season of giving, here is the prequel to my International Bestselling Sword & Sorcery Series, The Frozen Flame. 

The path to one's destiny is never easy!

Athgar and Natalia are destined to become great mages, yet everyone has to start somewhere. In this prequel to Ashes, discover who they were before magic chose them.

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Movie Review - Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Story

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Story is a new full-length movie on Netflix, featuring Forest Whitaker as a legendary toymaker in the mythical town of Cobbleton, which, from all signs, is somewhere in England. The time period is also never stated but certainly gives off a Victorian vibe, possibly with a little Steampunk influence, especially when it comes to some of the toys.

It begins from the point of view of a storyteller, sharing a tale with two children. It then switches to a young man named Jeronicus Jangle and his wife and daughter. He is a legendary toymaker, and people travel from all over to buy his inventions. Alas, his happiness doesn’t last, as he is betrayed by someone he trusts.

The story then switches to some years later, where we meet a much older Jeronicus, played to great effect by Forest Whitaker. I don’t want to give the plot away, but this movie has a terrific score and some genuinely memorable dance routines, along with a fantastic cast.

This is truly a movie for all ages, and I have a suspicion it will quickly become a seasonal favourite. I highly recommend it.

Servant of the Crown Audiobook Special Offer

On sale at $2.99 through Chirp, for a limited time only! While you're there, pick-up Books 2 & 3 and get 10% off.

When a forgotten, old soldier is banished for wrongdoings he didn’t commit, he embarks on an adventure to prove his loyalty to the crown and save the future of the realm. Performed by an Audie Award-winning narrator, Greg Patmore, this enthralling medieval fantasy is the first book in a series!

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Work in Progress Update

Warrior Knight is coming along nicely, and I’m already giving some thought as to how Ludwig’s next story, Warrior Lord, will continue his tale. In Temple Knight, the main character emerges after a year of training as a full-fledged warrior, but in Warrior Knight, our hero must learn his lessons as he goes. In this particular tale, it’s the secondary characters who really allow the hero, Ludwig, to flourish. I’ve enjoyed writing these people so much that I’ve already decided some will return, so you’ll be able to look forward to their return.

By my calculation, I still have about three weeks left until the conclusion of this tale, but then again, I may add another chapter or two as I go. I’ve done this before, taking a basic premise and filling it out with more detail. We shall have to see if it happens with this one.

Until next time, here is a sneak peek at some more from 
Fury of the Crown:Book Eight

Gerald was up before sunrise, watching as the troops began their march down the road to Ravensguard. Sir Heward soon joined him, riding his great Mercerian Charger over to the marshal as the soldiers marched by.

"They are impressive," noted the knight, "but they've got a long march ahead of them, even farther than the rest of us."

Gerald smiled. "Don't worry, they'll get there in plenty of time. These are Orcs. They don't believe in resting, they're like Dwarves that way."

Heward noted the approach of the queen. "Is she really going to command the reserves here in Hammersfield?"

"That's the plan. Someone has to do it."

"I suppose, but aren't there any junior officers who are more than capable?"

"Really?" said Gerald. "And how many of them speak Saurian?"

"I suppose you have a good point." He moved his horse aside, allowing Anna to pull up alongside her marshal.

"Your Majesty," Heward said with a bow. "I'm surprised to see you up so early this morning."

"I couldn't let Gerald leave without wishing him well," she said. "And what of you, Sir Knight? Is all ready for your own expedition?"

"It is, though I fear we cannot leave until the marshal's forces have cleared the area." There was only one road leading north, and it branched off the Ravensguard road some twenty miles to the east of the city.

"I thought you would have taken the opportunity to sleep in a little longer," said Gerald.

The knight was about to object but then noticed the look of amusement on the marshal's face. "Very funny."

"You need more of a sense of humour," said the queen. "Perhaps you should spend more time at court?"

"And be besieged by eligible women? I think not."

Anna turned to her oldest friend. "It appears our gallant knight thinks a lot of himself."

"He can't help it," said Gerald. "It comes from his training as a Knight of the Sword."

Sir Heward grinned. "Am I to be insulted all morning?"

"No, of course not," said Gerald, "I'm leaving shortly. Of course, if the queen desires it…"

Anna held up her hand. "Fear not, Sir Heward, your reputation remains intact. I shall not speak of such matters any more this day."

"Then, with your permission, Your Majesty," said the knight, "I shall be about my business."

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