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2019 Email Marketing Trends
Five ways to win with email marketing

Instead of trying to predict the future of email marketing, we think it’s more productive to share the ways you can win in 2019.

The biggest change in 2019: Email is your content! Instead of sending people somewhere else, you now have the tools to create a great experience in their inbox. 

Check out our 5 recommendations to keep your emails fresh in 2019.

#1. Let people interact with your emails

Email marketing has gotten a technology makeover, allowing you to create dynamic emails that people can interact with. Newsletters are no longer static. You now have all the engagement capabilities to deliver a great experience within your email.  

#2. Automation and segmentation for everyone

Email marketing tools have become more intuitive and easier to use, enabling people of all skill levels to automate and segment their emails. When you create automated email sequences and target smaller segments, you’ll connect in a more meaningful way.

#3. Have fun with storytelling

We constantly hear that attention spans are shrinking. But when people find high-quality content that tells a story, they spend time with it and want more. Storytelling and informal language are how people connect in real life, so it makes sense that email content will move in this direction as well.

#4. Good email design is invisible

As email focuses more on storytelling, email designs will become more minimalist. The design mantra for 2019 is ‘less is more'. Try using plain text emails that resemble a personal message sent by a friend.

#5. GDPR helps build trust with people beyond the EU

GDPR was a big deal for the EU, and it will influence the rest of the world in 2019. Your subscribers are aware of these regulations, and they are expecting you to go above and beyond to protect their privacy. Respect your readers and be super clear about how you use their data.

Email marketing has found its sweet spot. Not only do the advanced features give you the power to use email as a content destination, but the user-friendly nature of the new email tools allows anyone to take advantage. 

It’s all within your reach to grow your business through email marketing. Read the full 2019 trends article →

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