Hey friend!


One of these weeks I'll get caught up with my never-ending list of to-do list. While I have a bit of a lull before flower harvesting begins, I've been working behind the scenes. Our store has had a complete make-over with more product options becoming available over the next few weeks. Make sure to take a peek!

Last week I was honored to give a talk to a local entrepreneurs group I belong to. We talked about neonicotinoids and bee colony collapse.

I learned a few things about myself: I talk with my hands a lot and I need to NOT cross my feet! My hope is to have an edited version of the video available in the next week. Keep an eye out for an email when it's available.

At the meeting, I also handed out some infographics I created on the topic. I posted them both on the website, click on each to see more.

Before I say goodbye, I wanted to send you off with some gardening homework! Earlier today I posted a new article about what flowers can still be planted in July:

Planting these flowers in July is worth the investment. Learn why!


After reading through all of the amazing flowers available to expand your gardens, go out and find some for yourself. Make an investment in yourself! Your homework for the next month is to treat yourself to some flowers! Take a picture and share it with me on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #PrimroseCreations!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to #LoveTheLifeYouLive,


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