In this issue, we bring you news on a clearer view of safety, finishes for the future, glass built to last, and more...

Hello and welcome to the March issue of the Materials for Architecture Newsletter

In this issue, we bring you news on a clearer view of safety, finishes for the future, glass built to last, and more...

Right as rain

Sally Moores of Yeoman Rainguard outlines the choices of metal rainwater system available to self-builders, and how to decide which is best for your project. With an abundant choice of rainwater systems on the market there is certainly no lack of options in finding the right, aesthetically pleasing, products for your self-build project. With an array... Read more...
Published 19/03/2020 via

Make windows a safe bet

Amy Blount of Reynaers at Home looks at the key considerations when specifying windows for your build – including security as well as material choices and installation issues. At their core, windows provide one of any property’s most vital functions – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. In fact, windows are one of the key aesthetic features of any... Read more...
Published 19/03/2020 via

Stand out with a canopy

Phil Nash from Scotts of Thrapston discusses the many different styles and materials available for porch canopies, and the benefits they can bring. Porch canopies come in many different styles and materials, are easy to install, and can add both practical and aesthetic qualities to a home. Firstly, there is kerb appeal; a porch canopy is one of the... Read more...
Published 18/03/2020 via

Printing and scanning the future: taking 3D design to the next level

Nick Godfrey of Central Scanning explores how architects are using 3D printing and scanning to not only visualise but also create their projects with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before. 3D scanning and printing are increasingly innovative and powerful tools that are single-handedly changing the way the world works. They’ve already revolutionised... Read more...
Published 11/03/2020 via

Finishes for the future

Steve Grimwood of Osmo UK provides an insight into the various benefits of wood flooring, and why specifiers should choose natural finish options. Wooden flooring is a beautiful feature of any home, but it is important to understand that as an organic matter, it will continue to need nourishment to ensure it stays in the best possible condition... Read more...
Published 11/03/2020 via

Sound advice on architectural glazing

Enhanced acoustic requirements are becoming a commonplace consideration in contract documents, says Mark Hargreaves of Technal, who discusses glazing strategies to mitigate noise and the correct approach to acoustic design. As a main element to most buildings, the glazed openings have long played a key role; contributing natural daylight and ventilation... Read more...
Published 18/02/2020 via

Getting to grips with daylighting

Gary Dean of OnLevel UK explores the importance of daylighting in building design and the benefits of specifying glass clamps to help facilitate it. Ensuring your home, workplace or recreational space maximises the use of natural light is fast becoming an integral part of building design. The wellbeing benefits of natural light are compelling, from boosting... Read more...
Published 18/02/2020 via

Glass built to last

Susan Sinden of ESG Group explains why glass advances make the material one of the most versatile for creating modern, attractive and secure environments. Toughened glass was an important development early in the 20th Century – because it shattered into small granular fragments rather than potentially dangerous large shards... Read more...
Published 18/02/2020 via

A clearer view of safety

Among the functions performed by glass and glazing systems as part of the building envelope, fire safety and protecting lives are critical. Darren Wainwright of SE Controls explains systems’ roles in addressing smoke control and compliance issues. Within residential buildings over three storeys high, smoke control systems need to be incorporated as... Read more...
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