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Hello to all of my lovely readers!

I hope that wherever you are, warm weather has found you and spring is causing happiness within your life.

I have been taking a break from writing after releasing the fifth book in the McDougall series. I am not sure what will come next, but I have been loving the feedback on Peggy’s story!

If you haven’t met this family yet, now is the time to fall in love with them. Below you can find the links to each book, in both a steamy (The McDougalls) and sweet (The McDougall Family) version. The books are available on Amazon, Apple (iBooks), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Kobo. I would also love to hear what you think of them! Reviews are always appreciated, of course, and I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

In the meantime, I have included a couple of recommended reads below, one steamy from Ellie St. Clair and one sweet from Rose Pearson. I hope you enjoy them!

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Recommended Reads

Lady of Fortune

by Ellie St. Clair

The Duke's Saving Grace

by Rose Pearson

With all that stands against them, are they willing to risk everything for their forbidden love?

Lady Julia Stone has everything a woman could ask for — parents who love one another as much as they do her, the ability to live her dreams by managing her own racehorse, and now, a duke who is interested in capturing her affections. So why does she feel unsatisfied?

Why can she not let go of her past love for another man?

Growing up the son of a maid and a groom, Eddie Francis knows how fortunate he is to have achieved his ambitions of becoming a jockey renowned throughout England. But a past secret and a current accusation against his character have him loathing the very nobles he works for, and questioning all he knows to be true.

Everything changes during one fateful race on a Newmarket racetrack, when Julia makes an impromptu decision to disguise herself as a jockey and takes the reins herself. When she is discovered by none other than Eddie Francis, the man she once loved, she must put her trust in him to keep her secret and help her find victory.

With all that stands against them, are Julia and Eddie willing to risk everything for their forbidden love?

Deborah would gladly spend her life saving others. It could be though that the one she wants to save the most is one that is beyond her reach.

Through the war, Deborah found her purpose. With the abbey she was raised in opened up to the wounded, she found no shortage of need for her calming smile, quick mind, and skill at tending to the sick and injured.

She couldn’t imagine that with the war winding down, her life wouldn’t just continue in the abbey as she gets ready to take her vows and become a nun.

Before this happens though, someone from the wealthy Duke of Harksbury’s estate calls for someone from the abbey to tend to him. Having returned from the war himself in need of healing, Lord Edward Abernathy needs help, but Deborah will soon find out that his wounds go much deeper than the physical harm he endured.

Deborah just might be the only one who can heal him body and soul, but even she might not be enough. 

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