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In this week's Medieval Musings:

  • Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic Pre-order 
  • Foreshadowing Part II
  • Servant of the Crown, great Nook pick for Father's Day
  • Character origin: Lady Aubrey Brandon
  • Follow me on Bookbub
  • Revi's Audiobook voice
  • WIP update
  • Author Spotlight & Book GIveaways

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Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic is coming!

I truly felt Albreda deserved her own story, so here it is!!

For so long she tried to resist... 
But the woods call to her, beckoning with their secrets.

Never one to shy away from adversity, Albreda grew up the day her mother died. Now, her courage is put to the test when she finds herself lost in the mysterious and dangerous Whitewood, fighting for her life.

Discovering there is so much that she does not understand, she embarks on an adventure that will change her life forever.

Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic, is the origin story of the Witch of the Whitewood, Mistress Albreda. It can be read at any time but is best when read between books four and five of the Heir to the Crown Series.

Pre-Order your copy today to learn how a wild mage unleashes the magic within!

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Foreshadowing Part II: Daisy, Tilly & their friend Kola know, do you?

I love writing extra little details into my stories, but I don’t add them for no reason. If I mention something that seems trivial, chances are it’s going to come up again in a later book.

Case in point, when Gerald agrees to train Anna to fight in Servant of the Crown, she describes how she will become a mighty warrior princess, vanquishing evil and bringing peace to the land. If you have read Fate of the Crown, you know how that turns out!

Later on, when they are planning a trip to the grotto, they are joking, and Gerald announces he will muster the troops.  "Excellent,"  says Anna, "you can be the marshal." This certainly foreshadows his future achievements!

Even the later books are seeded with this same level of details. Here's an example from Stories of the Past, where Albreda is talking about Tempus.

“How long will Tempus live?” asked Anna, looking to Albreda for reassurance.

“I suspect for some time yet. He’s here for a purpose; he has some task which must be completed before he passes to the Afterlife.”

Of course, I can’t reveal the true meaning of this statement, but it will become clear in time, you may just have to wait for a few books!

I would love to hear what foreshadowing you noticed in Servant of the Crown that has come full circle in other books. Feel free to post your thoughts on my Facebook page or send me an email!

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Great news about Servant of the Crown!

Servant of the Crown has been chosen as one of Barnes & Noble's suggested eBooks for Father's Day!

Need an idea? Check out their list of books on sale!

Character Inspiration: Lady Aubrey Brandon

Aubrey Brandon was initially created only as an apprentice for Revi Bloom. At that time, she was still the daughter of the Baron of Hawkesburg, but there was no family relationship to Beverly. Her description was rather bland; a well-educated young woman skilled in what was considered the womanly arts in the medieval period. She could also play the harp, though that detail was left out of the books.

When I was creating Sword of the Crown, I wanted another female character that Beverly could relate to, so Aubrey became her cousin. I decided that Richard Fitzwilliam would have married Robert Brandon's older sister, thus establishing a link between them.

When I went back to rewrite Servant of the Crown (before first publication), I added this detail into the scenes between Richard and Robert. Of course,  Aubrey is younger than Beverly by a few years, which means she’s actually closer in age to Anna. During the course of the books, Aubrey grows from young cousin to accomplished mage, always looking to learn more.

What will happen to Aubrey in the future? You’ll have to wait and see. Her magic is growing, as is her friendship with Anna, so she will definitely be important to the story heading forward.

What does your favorite character sound like?

I have to admit that when I first received my copy of the Audiobook, I skipped around to hear all the different voices. I am very pleased with Greg Patmore's narration, but Revy's voice was a bit of a surprise. You see, Brad, the person who created the character is 6.2", over 200 pounds with a deep voice.

Now, listen to the sample, and imagine Brad's face when he heard this voice! We couldn't stop laughing! That being said, it fits the character very well and is quite distinctive and memorable.

Revi Bloom's Voice Sample

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A Spring Bundle of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books!

Another book complete, and 20,000 words into the next!

It’s been a busy three months as a full-time writer. In that time, I have managed to finish off Fate of the Crown, which was released last month. Next, I tackled Mercerian Tales: Call of Magic, Albreda’s origin story, which is now available for Pre-Order. Then, I started an entirely new series called The Frozen Flame, beginning by writing a prequel for each of the two main characters.  I went on to outline the complete series, and then write the entire first book, entitled Ashes, of which the Beta Readers have the first few chapters already.  

This week I began working on Burden of the Crown, the next book in the Heir to the Crown series. I have to admit it’s nice getting back to all the familiar characters. Before I started writing, I took the time to outline the next few books in the series, and if you liked the storyline of the first five books, I think you’ll love how it continues. There’s more magic in this one, perhaps the most of any book so far, as I focus on Albreda and Aubrey, among others. Don’t worry, the rest all have important parts to play, but magic will soon begin to have a significant impact on Merceria.

What’s next? Good question. I have short outlines for many more stories, so there’s plenty to come.

Until next time, here's a snippet from Ashes where Athgar has challenged an Orc to ritual combat.

Happy Reading!

Laruhk turned his attention to Athgar, "That was risky, my friend, he is deadly with an axe."

"Not as risky as you might think," suggested Artoch.

"What do you mean?" asked Athgar.

"The rules of combat are simple," the master of flame continued, "you may only fight with what you take with you into the circle."

"Yes," said Laruhk, "but Gorlag has the choice of weapons."

"Agreed," said Artoch, "but does not Athgar step into the ring with his magic?"

"Is that allowed?" asked Laruhk.

"It is not disallowed," responded the shaman.

"I thought shamans were supposed to be neutral in disputes," said Athgar.

"And so we are," replied Artoch, "I am merely informing the contestants of the rules."

Author Spotlight!

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The Keeper Chronicles: It will take the Keepers of legend to save Queensland. Too bad all they’ve got is a man haunted by his past, a failed mage, and an untrained girl.  Can the Keepers survive being hunted by dragons, attacked by frost goblins, and deceived by wizards? ...More

Daughter of FateWhen Knights attack the temple of Skystead, seventeen-year-old Pela is the only one to escape. Her mother and the other villagers are taken, accused of worshiping the False Gods. They will pay the ultimate price – unless Pela can rescue them....More

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Book GIveaways!

Here are some FREE books, short stories from other authors in the SciFi and Fantasy genres. Each is a collection of authors who want to share their stories with you. Feel free to send links to friends and family!

  • If you were a casting director, which actors would you choose to star in the Heir to the Crown series
  • Who are the Therengians
  • Gamers Corner - How does a character advance/train
  • Character origin of Albreda
  • Upcoming Book Signing

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