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The Lithuanian diaspora is resolved to make their voice heard in the Parliamentary elections on Sunday. The global voter engagement campaign has beaten the all-time activity records with over 40 000 registered Lithuanian voters registered worldwide. It makes the Global Lithuanian Constituency the largest in Lithuania.

Lithuania has a global community of patriots with strong connections no matter the size of the oceans in between. Listen to what they have to say and join in with your vote on Oct 11.

Spare an hour to learn about the candidates in the Global Lithuanian Constituency.  

Your enthuasiasm made the work of World Lithuanian Community, GLL, and Clubs of Professionals Abroad under the Mūsų Metas DABAR initiative, a team behind the campaign, a one to remember. Thank you!

GLL Launches the EdTech Lithuania Initiative

In September GLL launched EdTech Lithuania initiative to spurt the change in the Lithuanian education system through innovations and technologies. We did so during our annual GLL Gathering 2020 in the Presidential Palace, with over 250 participants in attendance both live and online. As the global EdTech market is forecasted to reach 400 billion USD by 2025, we set out to answer what role Lithuanian talents will play in this rapidly expanding market. Led by GLL board member and entrepreneur Vladas Lašas, the initiative will connect learning innovators in Lithuania and across our global network, so that they can share ideas and strike up new collaborations within the private and public sectors.

Read the article to learn more about the ambition of the EdTech Lithuania founding team, visit the website or register here to take action.   

    Playback of GLL Gathering 2020 Talks
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                        GLL PROGRAMS | TALENT REACH
                        October 22, Thursday | ONLINE
                        Meeting with Darius Maikštėnas and Diana Kazakevič, Ignitis Group

                        GLL continues with informal online meetings with Lithuanian companies as part of our Talent Reach program meant to introduce global professionals with career opportunities in Lithuania. 
                        This time, we are especially looking forward to talking to our Meet&Greet guests DARIUS MAIKŠTĖNAS, CEO and Chair Board at Ignitis Group, and DIANA KAZAKEVIČ, a Head of Region for Poland.
                        IGNITIS GROUP, a leading utility and renewable energy company in the Baltic region, went public just yesterday and started trading on the Nasdaq Vilnius and the London Stock Exchange plc. 
                        In September, they went through the IPO of €450m which is the largest in the Baltics and Lithuania year-to-date. It's been quite a ride, and interesting ventures still lay ahead. We will all hear it first hand on Oct 22 during the GLL Meet&Greet.  

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                          JOBS | Kilo.Healh looking for a Head of Legal

                          Established 6 years ago, Kilo.Health is a Lithuanian digital start-up working in the health industry. It has taken them some time to find their niche, but they eventually have. Their markets now are the USA, Canada, Australia, Brasil, Mexico, and the UK. Currently Kilo.Health is looking for a Head of Legal to join them in their aspiration to be the leader in the wellness category globally. READ MORE HERE>> 

                          GLL INITIATIVES | Women Representation
                          GLL will Seek the Wider Public Outreach for Women Professionals

                          GLL has teamed up with Association Lydere and Swedbank to ensure greater representation of women professionals in Lithuanian media and conferences. As the first step, we will build a digital platform - an open global database of Lithuanian women professionals ready to share their professional expertise. We believe this availability along with our close cooperation with media and conference organizers will increase women's voice in the public discourse. Currently, even some of the largest business conferences in Lithuania have only 20 percent of women as their speakers.  

                          Global Professionals and Women
                          OCTOBER 5-9 | WHUB SUMMIT | ONLINE

                          GLL members Patricija Miklušienė and Justina Kasparavičienė moved back to Lithuania couple of years ago after living in London. Whilst running a global consulting company that helps launch and grow beauty, wellness brands and companies, they co-founded the WHUB - women member’s club in Vilnius and the WHUB Summit – a bi-annual conference, which mission is to connect women globally from all the sectors, ages and backgrounds. You can still join the conference this week to get acquainted! LEARN MORE HERE>>

                          November 19 | Nordic-baltic women innovation sprint | ONLINe

                          Four global professionals from Lithuania, Denmark, and Great Britain organize the first-ever Nordic-Baltic women innovation sprint on Nov 19 to invite professionals around the Baltic Sea to co-create together. As Justina Klyviene, one of the co-organizers said, their biggest dream is to promote diversity, to teach professionals innovation tools & processes, to take action on SDG goals, and to create a global innovators network. 
                          LEARN MORE HERE or reach out to Justina via LinkedIn to talk about the role you can take up as an idea owner, a team member, a community partner, or an expert. Carma points guaranteed for sharing this message within your Nordic-Baltic network!

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