May 2019 Update from Author Lynnette Bonner

My Life this Month...

This month for Mothers Day our family gathered at my parent's place after church. I'm blessed to have a mother who loved and sacrificed for all her children in many ways. I realize that not everyone had a mom like that, and it makes me even more grateful for my heritage. This is in my mom's backyard. My daughter, Skye, is the young beauty.

This Month's Giveaway...

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From My Heart...

I was in the car today and my mind was going (okay, worrying) two hundred different directions--all of it over one particular situation our family is dealing with right now.

You ever had one of those situations where you keep saying, "God, I don't understand!"? Your mind turns, and twists, and stresses. I'm sure you all can relate!

So there I am on the freeway, stressing, and I look up and the car in front of me has a big bumper sticker: Prayer changes things! It was like God was saying, "Hello!?" Haha.

I immediately set to praying and it was such a relief. I didn't get any immediate answers to my concerns, but I did feel better. I don't know how my prayers are changing things. I may never know till I get to heaven. But that's okay. I don't have to know because I know the One who does! He loves me and the one I'm concerned about more than I'll probably ever understand. I'm so thankful I can pour out all that concern to Jesus!

And so if I have one thing to encourage you with this week, it is this.

(1 Peter 5:7) Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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