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Special Jamboree 2019 Edition
2019-2020 A.S.O.B. Officers

Left to right: Darren DeHass P.P., Greg Luck, Richard "Bear" Sobek, Bill Bailey, and Don Moores

The officers of the Association of Shrine Oriental Bands being sworn in by installing officer Past PNSOBA President Greg Luck (Al Bedoo).

July 1st, 2019 in Nashville Tennesee

A.S.O.B. Officers
Darren DeHass P.P.


What a whirlwind of a summer it has been. I hope all is well with each one of you and you are out enjoying the weather, vacations and parade season. 

This edition of the Na Khabar was not planned on my agenda, but when I started to think about the info that we always write about in our September/October issue of our magazine, it always covers Imperial or the Jamboree. That is a long time to wait before our members get to hear about what transpired at our annual gathering. Now that we don't have the constraints of layout, publishing and then mailing why wait so long? So this "Special Jamboree Edition" was born. I hope it meets with everyone's approval. 

As I have said, this has been a busy summer for me. My trip to Nashville for Imperial and the ASOB Jamboree, managing updates on the website, laying out this edition of the Na Kahbar, shoring up arrangements for our executive planning session in September and the list goes on. Oh, yes I even managed to sneak in a parade with my band! 

If all that was not enough, my wife, Timmie-Lynn and I decided to adopt two wonderful but feisty children of the four-legged variety. Both are rescues that are estimated at approximately a year old.  The brindle little girl is Mia and the darker one is little boy Gilley.

Speaking of children, as Shriners and especially of bandsmen, we have adopted many children that need the specialty care that our Shriners Hospitals for Children provide. That is a very expensive endeavor and we have dedicated ourselves as ASOB bandsmen to collect money each year to help offset those cost so our hospitals may continue their commitment to helping our children. Please continue to fundraise with enthusiasm, for truely we do support the "World's Greatest Philanthropy".  As promised, to help you with some fundraising ideas, you will find the first suggestion in the "Ladder of Smiles" section below. Let's commit to meeting that goal of 100% participation from each band this year. This can happen if we choose to work together.

I would like to leave you with a challenge and a reminder. Several disagreements that I have either heard of or witnessed as of late has given me a reason for concern. It is not the disagreements themselves that give me pause but the way they have been addressed. The majority of them had nothing to do with Oriental Band except that we are all brothers and Master Masons. As such, we are taught that we all meet on the level. I think we all tend to forget that lesson at times in our passion to do what we believe is right. In a world that is so very polarized at times, we need our masonic brotherhood to be as strong as it has ever been. As bandsmen, we need to set the standard and be the light, show by our example, how to treat our brothers especially in times of disagreement. So the challenge is to give all of your brothers the benefit and courtesy that you would expect for yourself. The reminder... is to remember from whence we came. 

Until next time, Es Salam Alaikum, my brothers!

Darren DeHass P.P.

W. Richard "Bear" Sobek

First Vice President

Well now that I have stepped up a chair of office in ASOB, I totally look forward to not only fulfilling my role, but hopefully making it a great year of music, brotherhood, and the mindful changes I would like to help make.

I am W. Richard “Bear” Sobek, 1st Vice President for ASOB. I live in the country in Miami County, Kansas. I am semi-retired but manage a Bail Bond Business in 7 counties. My Beautiful Lady Fran keeps me from doing the middle of the night bonds, but if the money is good, I refuse to listen to her. I am still in one piece anyway.

I am proud to be a part of ASOB and look forward to working with our President and the rest of the officers to build more into this grand organization. Many out there have ideas and we need to hear more about them. Now is the time to jump up and help us not only keep ASOB, your regions, and the Oriental Band system in place. We have lost membership and I would like to understand why above and beyond death and age.

I am also proud that Ed Harvey, a great member of the Abdallah Oriental Band, is our Central States Ambassador and have always looked to him for help. He devotes himself to the betterment of “The Band”, as we are known and makes FUN a real word.

From the flatlands of the central state, I remain,

W. Richard “Bear” Sobek

William "Bill" Bailey

Second Vice President

It is great to be part of the ASOB and see things getting better.  I am Bill Bailey and was elected to the line a year ago and have been proud to serve on the ASOB line.  Now as 2nd Vice President to the association I can see some of the progress Past President Chris Tsaro was putting into action.  

I have been in the Shrine since 1996 and have been proud to be the President of 3 different units in that time as well as serving on the Divan for Midan Temple in Wichita Ks.  I have also served as the President of the ASOBCS and am currently serving as Secretary\Treasurer for that group. 

I spend my winters in Costa Rica and have become very active in both the San Jose Costa Rica Shrine and the Abou Saad temple in Panama City Panama. I am an associate lifetime member to Abou Saad.  

If you are a friend of mine on facebook or the ASOB website you have seen me with the President of Panama’s wife who is a proud supporter of our Children’s Hospital and you have seen me working at the Children’s Hospital in Panama City. I will be headed back to Panama in Feb to spend another 4 days working with the Doctors form Shrive Port La.  I am a member of Midian Shrine’s OB in Wichita Ks and a Charter Member of Abou Saad OB in Panama City Panama. 

If you have questions or suggestions on making the ASOB better email me at and I will be glad to listen to you.

Bill Bailey

Donald Moores


We have just returned from the Imperial Session held in Nashville, TN.  The 2018-2019 Annual Meeting was held during the Imperial Session.  The Minutes of the Meeting are published below as well as being posted on the website at ASOB.ORG.

The Annual Meeting was well attended by Past Presidents, Ambassadors, elected Officers, as well as several members of member bands.  As you will notice in the minutes we are missing the bottom two officers of the progressive elected line, if anyone is interested in serving this Association as an officer, please contact one of the current elected officers.

Congratulations to our Bandsman of the Year, Dr. A.J. DiCaro, for his efforts in getting the ABOU SAAD Oriental Band up and going.  ABOU SAAD’s Band is our first international Oriental Band.  This was an effort of several people but Doc was the leading person in getting the interest started, almost two years ago several bandsmen went to Panama to present the charter to ABOU SAAD.

Congratulations to the KHIVA Oriental Band for another outstanding performance at the Opening Ceremony of the Imperial Session.  There were setting around us that we setting very unanimated until the band arrived at the front of the Convention Center by the end of the first number they were all standing and cheering, well through the HEY Tune.

Our Prayers are needed for our Past President, Harry Pressman, who was admitted to the hospital shortly before the Annual Awards and Installation Banquet.  He is now at home in Houston after being hospitalized for about a week.  Surgery that was scheduled for later in July was canceled until he builds up his strength.

Aleikum Es Selam,
Don Moores

2018-2019 Bandsmen of the Year
Our Congratulations go out to

Dr. A.J. "Doc" DiCaro named A.S.O.B. BANDSMAN of the YEAR.

Dr. DiCaro became a Master Mason of Gray Lodge #329, Houston, Texas, in September of 1970 and became a Scottish Rite Mason and a Noble of the Mystic Shrine on February 27, 1971. He is an endowed member of all 3 organizations.

Dr. DiCaro is a past member of the Board of Trustees of Arabia Shrine Temple, with 9 years in office. Overall, he has been a member of this entire organization for 50 years.

Dr. DiCaro’s musical background with the organization includes being a member of the German Band, The Jazz Band and Past President of the Arabia Shrine Concert. He was Director of the Oriental Band for approximately ten years.

A member of the 25-piece Big Band Orchestra called “The Heartbeats,” an all-doctor band (with a few Shriners mixed in), Dr. DiCaro was proud to have helped raise money for the Texas Heart Association and Texas Children’s Hospital so that Shriner patients with any type of vascular problems could be seen and treated from the Shrine Orthopedic Hospital in Houston.

Dr. DiCaro has also been Medical Director of the Arabia Shrine Center since 1980. Acting as Ambassador for the American Society of Oriental Bands, Dr. DiCaro represents the United States in the International Division of the ASOB in Panama and South America.

Further Shriner work has included assisting Dr. Ed Smith who was Medical Director in the mid-1960s at the Shrine Hospital in Houston, Texas and assisting the next Directors, Dr. Donovan and Dr. Parrish with exams, X-rays, and evaluation of the children served by the hospital and assisting in surgery and rehabilitation as well.

Dr. DiCaro also collaborated with doctors Cooley, Hallman, Bloodwell and Latson on the development of a heart pump and the artificial heart, and assisted in the development of life support packs used by NASA for astronauts to wear under their spacesuits.

This lifetime of dedication to the Shriners was brought about because Dr. DiCaro’s father was a 60-year member Mason of Concordia Lodge. Also, two distant cousins were past Potentates of Al Koran Shrine in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. DiCaro is grateful and proud to receive the honor of Bandsman of the Year. This is an honor not to be taken lightly.

Dr. DiCaro looks forward to continuing to serve as Ambassador to Panama and South America in hopes that the goal of starting some Oriental Bands there can be realized, as he and Harry Pressman have already worked together to organize the officers and band members for Abou Saad Shrine Temple in Panama City, Panama. They, along with so many other Shriners, have made contributions towards the financial needs, instruments, uniforms, etc. to make this possible.

Please join Dr. DiCaro in remembering to support the Ladder of Smiles, so that we may continue to do our good work in the support of our Shrine Hospitals and Clinics, both here and around the world.


1. Purpose:

The purpose of the A.S.O.B. Bandsman of the Year Award is to recognize an Oriental Band member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the A.S.O.B., to the Ladder of Smiles, to his Shrine Center, and to his Oriental Band.

2. Criteria:

The criteria for this award are as follows:

a. Member in good standing in his Shrine Center
b. Letters of recommendation from the Potentate of his Shrine Center and the Area A.S.O.B. Ambassador.
c. Demonstrated Leadership within his band, and the A.S.O.B.
          1. Willingness to assist and lead where possible
d. Identifiable support for the Ladder of Smiles
          1. Responsible for coordinating and managing a fundraiser for his band and or Shrine Center.
e. Attendance at either his Regional Association Meetings or Imperial Session.
f. Must demonstrate goodwill towards all OB Members

3. Nomination:

Nominations should be submitted to the A.S.O.B. Secretary/Treasurer prior to the A.S.O.B. Mid-Winter Meeting. All Nominations will be reviewed by the A.S.O.B Executive Committee to ensure that the candidate meets all of the criteria. If more than one nomination has been submitted, they will vote on the candidates.

4. Award Presentation:

The A.S.O.B. Bandsman of the Year Award will be presented by the A.S.O.B. President. The presentation will take place during a Stated Meeting of the Bandsman of the Year’s Home Shrine Center. In the event the A.S.O.B. President is not available to personally make the presentation, he may select another A.S.O.B. Line Officer to perform the presentation.

5. Award:

The A.S.O.B. Bandsman of the Year Award will be a plaque with the A.S.O.B. Logo, A.S.O.B. Bandsman of the Year Award, Year, Member’s Shrine Center, and his Name in letters the same size as the title Line.

This Year's Deadline is February 1st!

All nominations for Bandsman of the Year for 2019-2020 must be submitted by February first to be considered.

Jamboree 2019 Competition
by Norm Tinkham

Fantasy Chairman Update

Greetings Nobles All,

If you were not at the 3rd annual Fantasy Jamboree in Nashville, you missed a great event. We had four bands competing and all were excellent.  Following are the results:

1st Place - Khiva Oriental Band
2nd Place -Al Kader Oriental Band

1st Place - Melha Oriental Band

1st Place - Akdar Oriental Band

Performance only 
Clink & Clank  (Al Kader)

The hospitality was great, the meetings were fruitful and we all had a fun time. We are also looking forward to next year in Billings, Montana.

See you there,

Norm Tinkham – Asiya 
2019 Fantasy Chairman

Please see below for videos of the competition.

Competition Videos

The following are links to the video of each band that participated in the competition in Nashville, Tennesee on June 30th. Please click on the "Read more" links to be taken to the A.S.O.B. website where you can view each video in its entirety. 

Jamboree 2019 Competition – Khiva
Read more
Read more
Jamboree 2019 Competition – Melha
Read more
Read more
Jamboree 2019 Special Performance – Clink and Clank (Al Kader)
Read more
Jamboree 2019 – A talk with Megan
Read more
Imperial Session 2019
Khiva Oriental Band

Rocking the house at Imperial Public Opening

Imperial Session provides nobles from around the world with many opportunities for fun and fellowship. Since some members are not able to attend the Imperial Session, why not share your Session memories on social media for everyone to enjoy? 

Neil Bentley, of Khiva Shriners from Amarillo, Texas, created this fun, colorful slideshow of their Oriental Band performing at the Public Opening at Imperial Session in Nashville on June 30. He used the app RIPL, and Khiva shared it on their Facebook page. The photos are courtesy of Art Loera, as well as several Khiva ladies. Click on the image above to watch the slideshow.

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
Association of Shrine Oriental Bands International
July 1, 2019

The Annual Meeting of the Association of Shrine Oriental Bands was held at the Sheraton Music City Inn on July 1, 2019.  President Harry Pressman called the meeting to order on 9:05 A.M. CDT.

President called on Sergeant-at-Arms to lead the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance to the flags and 2nd Vice-President Richard Sobek to give the invocation.  There were eight Past Presidents and four Ambassadors in attendance.


The Auditors, consisting of Darren DeHass, Chairman, Paul Gluck, and Dr. A.J. DiCaro, reported that the books of the Treasurer and Ladder of Smiles Chairman had been audited and no discrepancies were found.  The Ladder of Smiles Chairman and Treasurer were commended on keeping good records.  It was moved and seconded that the report of the Audit Committee be approved, the motion carried.


The President called for the reading of any of the Minutes of previous meetings.  It was moved and seconded, the reading of the minutes be dispensed, the motion carried.

The Secretary/Treasurer was asked for the Financial Report for April 1, 2018, through March 31, 2019, for the two accounts operated by the A.S.O.B.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the report as read. The motion was approved. (The full reports are available to any member of the Association, in good standing, and requesting a copy in writing.)  The Secretary/Treasurer reported that he had attended no regional meetings during the past year because of health problems.  It was reported all bills had been paid with the exception of bills related to the Annual Meeting and Competition, those being Honorariums, Plaques for Competition.


The Ladder of Smiles Chairman reported that the goal for 2018-2019 was $75,000.  He reported the donations had reached approximately $40,000. The final report will not be issued until after the banquet collections on the evening of July 1, 2019, because all donations prior to the Installation of the New Officers would apply to the 20018-2019 Goal.  The final Report will be issued after the end of the Convention.




Past President Jim Whitehouse presented his comments regarding the officers of the association and their Activities for the last year. 

Item No. 1-By-Laws Update:  P.P. Jim Whitehouse highlighted the lack of the update to the ASOB By-Laws approved at the 2017-2018 Association Annual Meeting.  The Secretary/Treasurer announced he would take the responsibility of getting the By-Laws updated and approved.

Item No. 2 -Conformance to and abide by the By-Laws:  He then asked each setting officer to confirm that they would conform and support the existing By-Laws of the Association.  Each officer, (1st VP; 2nd VP and Sergeant-At-Arms) responded in the affirmative.

Item No. 3-NA KHABAR Articles and updates to the Web page:  Update the Web page to include the new officers and their contact information.  Provide articles written for publishing in the NA KHABAR and that the required number of magazines (minimum of three) be produced. Each officer (1st VP; 2nd VP and Sergeant-At-Arms) responded in the affirmative.

Item No. 4-Travel:  Each officer was asked to confirm that in addition to attending his own association they would attend at least three regional Association events during the year.  Each officer (2nd VP and Sergeant-At-Arms) responded in the affirmative.  The 1st VP noted that he could not commit to visiting three regional Association events due to current restraints on his time but that he would attend as time became available.

Past President Paul Gluck outlined the procedure to add new tunes to the Music Library and made a motion to add the 2019-2020 Competition Tune THAMONIA to the Music Library, The motion was seconded and passed by a unanimous vote.

The Secretary/Treasurer asked approval to create a resolution to continue the Banking Relations with the BB&T Bank with the Secretary/Treasurer as an official authorized Signature and add Past President Jeffrey S. Moores to the BB&T ASOB bank Checking Account as an official additional authorized Signature.  The Motion was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 



Noble Harry Pressman reported that he traveled to SESOBA, Nashville to attend the Hoedown in April of this year.  He also announced he made additional trips to Nashville to work with the Sheraton Music City Inn to set up the various rooms and events required to the Jamboree for 2019.


Past Potentate Darren DeHass announced that he had contacted the Ambassadors of the regions for which he was responsible.  Darren listened to the issue they believe they have, which are the same as usual: Members and participation. His comment was that we need to continue to support and work on ways to add value to the membership in an attempt to stabilize and grow both membership and participation levels.  He announced the Strategic Committee will be held in Billings, MT the last week of September, hopefully before the snow falls.  The meeting will be held at the KOA Training Facilities and Conference area.  Events are scheduled for Thursday Evening, Friday and Saturday wrap-up with a trip to the "Top of the World" with dinner and shopping area.  The 2019 Jamboree will be held the last week of May 2020.  No events will occur at Shriners International's Imperial Convention in 2020.  

Second Vice-President

Noble Richard "Bear" Sobek announced no travel last year because of work and health issues.  He did announce the Ladder of Smiles support program of the "Camel Herders" where the members of ABDALLAH SHRINERS CAMEL HERDERS group are fined for the Ladder of Smiles if they did not wear the camel necklace provided to them as members.


Noble Norman Tinkham reported he would be stepping down from the ASOB Officer line for personal reasons.  He also reported he attended the GLSOBA Jamboree in Cincinnati in June.


Noble William "Bill" Bailey Announced he had made several trips to Panama to assist the ABOU SAAD SHRINERS Oriental Band to get their start and they hope to be able to compete next year in regional events and maybe the Jamboree.


The Secretary/Treasurer announced that he had attended the Imperial Convention in Daytona Beach, FL last July.  He also announced that the Florida Shrine Association had agreed to give up their charter over the Shrine Centers in Florida and if approved by the voting delegates at the convention of the Iowa Corporation the FSA would cease to exist.


Noble Dr. A.J. DiCaro reported on the activities of the newly created Oriental Band at ABOU SAAD SHRINERS, Panama City, Panama.  He reported the band was proceeding with their formation and learning some tunes to be played and thanked Noble Bailey as well as others which have contributed support and assistance to getting instruments, uniforms and shipping cost for the equipment supplied to the new band.


President Harry Pressman turned the Elections Process over to Past President and Parliamentarian Past President Jim Whitehouse to conduct the Nominations and elections. Past President Whitehouse called for nominations for the office of President of A.S.O.B. A motion was made and seconded to nominate Darren DeHass, P.P.  to the Office of President for the year 2019/2020. Having no other nominations after three calls, the nominations were closed and the Secretary/Treasurer was instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for Darren DeHass, P.P.  as President of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020, Noble DeHass P.P. acclaimed his willingness to serve.

Nominations were then opened for the office of First Vice President of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020.  A motion was made and seconded to nominate Noble Richard "Bear" Sobek for the office of First Vice President. There being no further nominations after three calls, the nominations were closed and the Secretary/Treasurer was instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for Noble Richard "Bear" Sobek to the office of First Vice President of A.S.O.B. for the year of 2019/2020, Noble Sobek acclaimed his willingness to serve.

Nominations were then opened for the office of Second Vice President of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020. A motion was made and seconded to nominate William "Bill" Bailey to the office of Second Vice President. There being no further nominations after three calls, the nominations were closed and the Secretary/Treasurer was instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for Noble Bailey as Second Vice President of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020, Noble Bailey acclaimed his willingness to serve.

Nominations were then opened for the office of Third Vice President of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020. There being no nominations after three calls, the nominations were closed and the office was left vacant.

Nominations were then opened for the office of Sergeant-at-Arms of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020. There being no nominations after three calls, the nominations were closed and the office was left vacant.

Nominations were then opened for the office of Secretary/Treasurer of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020.  A motion was made and seconded to nominate Noble Donald Moores for the office of Secretary/ Treasurer. There being no further nominations after three calls, the nominations were closed and the President was instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for Noble Donald Moores as Secretary/Treasurer of A.S.O.B. for the year 2019/2020,  Noble Moores acclaimed his willingness to serve.

President-Elect Illustrious Sir Darren DeHass gave an acceptance speech which was short and sweet and announced the Competition Tune for 2019-2020. The Fall Meeting will be in Billings, Montana.


Noble Harry Pressman relieved all appointed Officers of their assignments effective June 30, 2019, and will need the President-Elect to reappoint them to their new duties after he takes office in July 2019.

There being no further business to come before the Association, the meeting was adjourned in peace and harmony at 10:30 A.M.

The benediction was given by the Noble Richard Sobek.

Respectfully Submitted,
Yours in the Faith,

Donald W. Moores
2019/2020 Secretary/Treasurer

Ladder of Smiles
Tip #1 - DIY Fundraiser

If every member of every band would just do this, we would quickly meet and surpass this year's goal of $75,000! Let's make our Shrine kids smile!

Give it a try!

All the funds, (100%), donated to the Ladder of Smiles do directly benefit our hospitals and our kids.  There are no expenses deducted from your donations.  We are registered as a charitable organization as a 501 (c) 3 corporation and our fiscal year runs from Imperial Session to Imperial Session each year.

Shriners Hospitals for Children is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class research, and outstanding medical education. Our health care system provides advanced care for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate.

How does Shriners Hospitals for Children use funds?

At Shriners Hospitals for Children, stewardship is one of our core values. Approximately 85 percent of all funds spent by Shriners Hospitals for children each year is dedicated to patient care, research and education.

Talking Points
20 FAQ's about Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children

Do you ever get questions about our fraternity or our philanthropy and are just not sure what to say? This short frequently asked questions PDF will get you through the most often asked questions, making it easier to fundraise or explain what Shriners and our hospitals are all about. Click on the button below to download a copy.

Find out more
Southeastern Shrine Association
Oriental Band "Hoedown"

El Karubah
Alexandria, Louisiana

16 – 18 April 2020
“Louisiana … One State … Many Cultures”

Download Registration and more info here.

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