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Happenings - Growing in 2019

February 22, 2019

This Week in Worship

This coming Sunday is Bold Women's Sunday in the ELCA.  Our worship has been coordinated by our Vicar Dawn Bennett and will include girls and women of all ages in leadership.  Please be with us as we worship God in spirit and in truth.  Please note that their leadership roles will take the place of the normal monthly assigned worship leadership.


2018 Committee Reports Shared at Potluck Lunch

Various Council members and church leaders will be sharing 2018 Committee Reports during our potluck lunch this coming Sunday, February 24 right after worship.  Please join us for this important set of updates in the life of our church.

Fellowship Potluck

Join us for our monthly potluck fellowship meal on the last Sunday of this month.  Bring your favorite dish and come enjoy the fun, food and fellowship.

Vicar Dawn's Blog

Be sure and check out Vicar Dawn's most recent blog postings for some uplifting and encouraging thoughts on life.

Children's Choir

Rehearsals are at 1:30 p.m. on each Sunday afternoon except the Sundays when they lead in worship.  If you have interested children or know of any in the neighborhood, please encourage them to come and join in the fun!  Please contact Lauren for the official rehearsal schedule each month as the calendar is subject to change. 

Worship Leadership

Thanks to all who have signed up for new roles in worship leadership.  The new monthly worship leadership list  is posted on our website.  And as always, if you can't cover a particular Sunday just be sure and let us know in advance.  

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