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Reading for Pleasure

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At this time of year, what could be better than taking in the beauty of the Autumn days and spending the darker evenings with a good book. With the #OURfPBookBlethers starting again this month, you’ll find plenty of recommendations and support for RfP practice.

We are also delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 Egmont RfP Awards in collaboration with the OU and UKLA and share their inspirational examples of research-informed practice. And if you missed the Sharing the Pleasure of Reading webinar, not to worry, we have the link to the recording below! So please read on!

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Book Chat: Reading with your child

Egmont RfP Awards in collaboration with the OU and UKLA ANNOUNCED!

On Saturday we celebrated the great work of schools, experienced teachers, early career teachers and whole school reading champions! Our stunning Winners and all those Highly Commended deserved the huge round of virtual applause which gave them.  Their examples of evidence informed practice are here and soon the recording of the ceremony and the winners mini-films and advice will be available to watch!


#OURfPBookBlether November Tuesdays 8-9 pm DO JOIN US

These intensive one-hour Twitter chats focus on text recommendations under key themes and on how to use these texts for RfP pedagogy - pedagogy that nurtures volitional reading. Thanks to our TRG Leaders: Jon Biddle, Clare McGreevy, Ben Harris, Justine Lister, Rich Charlesworth, Nicola Mansfield Niemi, Sadie Philipps and Tom Brassington for facilitating these. 


Sharing the Pleasure of Reading: the role of Talk in Reading webinar DO WATCH!

This session with well over 300 attendees involved much passion and persuasive talk!  Key issues included the significance of informal book chat reader to reader, it’s non-assessed nature and the power of picture books which help us find ways to talk about tolerance, solidarity and compassion. As Smriti observed such books offer us connections when there are no words left to say. Thanks to all involved:  Ben Harris, Richard Charlesworth, Rumenar Atkar Smriti Halls, and Teresa Cremin.

#OURfPBookBlether Returns!!

Teachers’ Reading Challenge 2020 Closes

Responding to OU research evidence about teachers’ subject knowledge needing development, we created this challenge with the Reading Agency during lockdown. Amazingly, nearly 2500 professionals participated in this pilot year and over 3000 book reviews were uploaded! We hope the teachers involved shared their certificates with the younger readers in school…

OU/UKLA Teachers’ Reading Group Leaders Training

New Groups: We welcomed over 30 new Leaders for 2021 on November 7th for training - what a lot of energy and passion was shown, we look forward to supporting you.

Ongoing and Renewing Groups: It’s brilliant to receive emails and evaluations from our ongoing leaders – you feel us with gratitude, your flexibility is amazing. We are offering these leaders a webinar on January 9th 10-11.30 am as we move forward in these virtual times. One such leader, Barbara Band, a librarian, shared her insights about the value of co-leading a group on the CILIP website here - well worth reading!


#Morning BrewEd on What is Reading for pleasure ?

Ed Finch and Toria Bono hosted this chat with OU RfP Ambassador guests: Teresa Cremin, Ben Harris, Sonia Thompson and Richard Charlesworth. Do read Toria’s blog about the key messages and/or watch the panel session. The OU Book Chat: reading with your child resource got a heads up!


Building reading communities with Lovemybooks

Lovemybooks is an extensive online resource supporting schools and settings wishing to promote RfP at home as well as school. In line with OU research findings Lovemybooks encourages a social approach to sharing books. One Head Teacher comments: ‘Lovemybooks is a treasure trove of well-researched guidance on books and reading. Book choice and reading for pleasure are prioritised.’

Featured Examples of Practice
Listening for Pleasure

Our featured Examples this month are both Egmont Award Winners. Congratulations again to Eve Vollans, winner of the Experienced Teacher category, and to Rochelle Richmond and Sayes Court Primary and Nursery School, who won the Whole School Award.

Listening for Pleasure

Eve’s example, ‘From ‘Beginners’ to ‘Bookish Bletherers’: Motivating Key Stage 2 Boy Readers’, documents how she established a clear understanding of KS2 boys’ out-of-school reading practices and then developed a range of creative opportunities to support them in discovering new texts and enjoying reading. The community got involved too. Well done Eve!

Laying the foundations of Reading for Pleasure

Rochelle’s example, Developing a Reading Community', describes how enhancing the school’s reading environments, protecting reading time, staff development and regular events to engage children and parents has positively impacted on children’s reading for pleasure and their reading attainment. Congratulations to all the staff!

Ellen Caldicott
Author in the Spotlight

Elen Caldecott’s debut novel, How Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant, was shortlisted for the Waterstone's Children's Prize and longlisted for the 2010 Carnegie Award. Before becoming a writer, she was an archaeologist, a nurse, a theatre usher and a museum security guard.

Sonia Thompson
Top Texts

Annie Everall, Director of Authors Aloud UK, is also a qualified children’s librarian and passionate about helping children and young people discover the magic of reading. Check out her top text choices!


Boys, reading and social justice by Laura Scholes

This open access article makes thought provoking reading. Laura, an Australian researcher, shows how some of boys in her study pushed past considerable challenges including  “the threat of ‘gay’ torments, lack of desired reading materials, and policy led stereotypical views about gender that often filter down into classrooms – to read”. There is much for us to learn from here.

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