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e-Newsletter - April 20, 2021

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The Top Five Mistakes Small Aircraft Builders Make

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In this podcast, meet DAR Lisa Turner. After completing several kit-built and small aircraft inspections for the FAA, Lisa's created a profile of "The Top Five Mistakes Small Aircraft Builders Make" and how to avoid them.

Lisa is a respected voice in aviation. Since 2006, she's done work as an FAA-designated airworthiness representative (DAR), home-built aircraft counselor, A/P, and authored a few books. If you are an EAA member, you also know she writes a monthly column for Sport Aviation Magazine. Lisa’s passion for small home-built aircraft is real and igniting. You’ll find this discussion informative and helpful.

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Air Command Begins Effort to Grow CFI Network

First meeting held, how to join the effort

This past January, Air Command announced its intentions to increase the number of certified gyroplane flight instructors in the US, Canada, and elsewhere to improve access to instructors.  The collaborative effort is designed to bring together current CFIs and those interested to be CFIs.

“We’ve had several interested persons step forward and say, "Yes, this is something I want to do”, said Air Command President Joe Covelli.  “It’s great to see the interest and motivation by so many to make a difference and be part of this effort.”

The group held their first conference call two weeks ago. Introductions were made and participant backgrounds shared. Topics initially discussed included getting started, flight training content, and insurance coverage.  Covelli added, “Next, we’ll work to bring the group closer together and get folks interacting, flying, and supporting each other to get started. This effort will take time and involves a commitment by everyone. Best of all, we have a talented group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds in aviation, flight instruction, and life skills.”

If interested to learn more or signup, complete the CFI Growth Program interest form at this link:

Video Series: Mastering Crosswind Landings

Go flying with Ron Menzie

Fly with one of the best gyroplane pilots, DPE Ron Menzie, in his new video series.

Ron straps on the video camera to take us along and provide helpful tips and reminders from his home base at Ron's Gyros, Searcy, Arkansas.

Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings

What is a crosswind? A crosswind is experienced when a significant component of the prevailing wind is perpendicular to the runway centerline. As pilots know, this means you need to adjust how you handle takeoffs and approach landings.

In two videos dedicated to crosswinds, Ron reviews how to lineup the runway on final, use of yaw string, how to yaw the aircraft into the wind, and more.

Disclaimer:  This video series is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for actual in-flight instruction and training with a certified gyroplane flight instructor.

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Featured Product: 10-Gallon Seat Tank

New inventory just arrived of Air Command's popular 10-gallon seat tank. The combination fuel and seat tank come complete with a vented gas cap and parts for the sight tube to see the fuel level inside the tank. The seat tank can be configured and used in a variety of ultralight aircraft but must be securely attached to the airframe at both the seat base and backside.

Optional items include a U-shaped mounting tube attaching the seat to the airframe and two styles of custom-made seat covers made of material for outside use.

The company also sells a 5-gallon fuel seat tank and rounded 3.5-gallon extended range side fuel tank.

10-Gallon Seat Tank

$250.00, plus shipping costs

Purchase 10-Gallon Seat Tank

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