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AFL Congratulates President Trump on his Nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize

September 9, 2020
New York, NY

We, the American Friends of Likud, congratulate President Trump on his nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize after facilitating the historic Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE. We believe the President is extremely deserving of this prestigious award for courageously fostering peace partners in the Middle East where others have failed. 

It is clear to us that President Trump's bold foreign policy efforts in regions across the globe have begun to positively affect the international dynamic, and the fruits of this Israel-UAE peace treaty will continue to blossom and promote peaceful ties in and beyond the region. As Americans, we are proud of our President's accomplishments and we appreciate his diplomatic determination to create a new dialogue and understanding between nations.

Dr. Gerald Platt, AFL President
Ken Abramowitz, AFL Nat'l Chairman

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National Chairman
Ken Abramowitz

Gerry Platt

Board Members
Rabbi Elie Abadie
Nira Abramowitz
Daniela Bar Illan
Sarah Biser
Sharon Tzur

Advisory Board
Steven Goldberg

Executive Director
Adam Fishman


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