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Hi .

We have a crazy HUGE software update coming to our keyword research tool Keyword Supremacy & I'll reveal the first major update right now.

We are serving all Keyword Volume & CPC results
directly from Google Adwords data again!   
This is huge! 

We have been using SEMRush data up to this point, and to be honest, it's SUCKED! It's literally taken us 5 years to be able to figure out how to do this, but we never quit and finally got it done.

But, we didn't just stop at serving Adwords data, we have 5 Brand New Search Features being built in to really help you find those HIDDEN GEM keywords that no one else is even thinking of!

Register For The Keyword Supremacy Update Webinar
Below & We'll Show You All The New Upgrades Coming!


We Also Have 2 FREE GIFTS For Attending The Webinar!
1.) A PDF Document With 118 Keywords (Min Search 10k, Min CPC $20)
2.) FREE Access To Keyword Supremacy With Some Credits To Test With

Ok, we're too excited about this so we'll tell you about one more feature! 

It's a Question and Answer based keyword builder that NO OTHER TOOL has, that can give you SEVENTEEN MILLION different questions, that can be asked in the English language!  Yes, 17,000,000!

But when you append our Google Suggest feature of A-Z to all those questions, you now have the ability to find over 400,000,000 question based keywords.

Why is this important to you?  Below is's called FAQ Featured Snippet and you can get this by targeting question and answer based keywords on your sites with FAQ Schema.

How many of these do you think you can snag, with over 450 million possible questions at your finger tips...with Adwords Volume and CPC too ;)

There's so much more that we are going to cover on the webinar, so make sure you register! 

We're also going to show you how to

you can get full access to Keyword Supremacy as part of our $10k Bonus package for Chris & Jay's new $100k Shoutout / AmpFire software that

just hit the market!


Ok that's all , we'll see you on the webby!

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