Home Sweet Home!

Happy Launch Day! This morning I got up at 6am in Madrid, took a high-speed train to Barcelona, then an 8hr flight to Toronto. We just got home and are at 20.5 hours on the move. I'm calling it a night. It was the first time hubby or I ever went to Europe and I think we made the most of our visit. It's good to be home though. Now, I'm off to sleep for 10 hours before getting reacquainted with my laptop. 

If you enjoy strong female characters, hot and supportive men, and tons of action, give the Exemplar series a try.

Jesse and the Magi Vault is live!

Book 2 of Exemplar Hall - An action-packed fantasy romance series from International Bestselling author JL Madore and debut author Ruby Night!

Being drafted into an elite, all-male academy of magik, monsters, and mercenary men was never the plan—but honestly, we had no choice in the matter.

Maybe it was written in the stars or maybe it's merely the design of corrupt men out to trap us and kill our traitor of a father. Either way, the Gemini twins are in the house.

Trapped by the wards of the school. Chipped and trackable if we escape. Pretending to be a dude in a sea of testosterone.

Ohhh, the testosterone. Maverick, River, Jack, Drake, Kade, Chad... Whether lovers, friends, or enemies, with my powers unlocked, they call to something wild in me.

Maybe this Magi world isn't so bad after all.

Captured by the Magi
Jesse & the Magi Vault

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A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel

Vampires. Not the midlife crisis I expected.

When I finally got around to dating after my jackhole of a husband walked out on my fortieth birthday, I thought personal grooming was my biggest worry. Until I went on a date with a vampire and ended up fighting for my life.

Now I see magic—and danger—everywhere I look, and somehow I’m the one responsible for keeping everyone safe.

It’s worse than being roped into heading a PTA committee. Well…maybe.

Anyway, whatever happened to finding a teenage girl to be the Chosen One?

Still, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the people I love safe.

I might even be willing to protect that jackhole ex. But only if I have to.

Billionaire Cowboy Wolf Shifters

My escape from New Jersey brought me to remote Idaho for solitude.
But my peaceful existence as the Alpha of our wolf pack was brief.

Now, I’m faced with three issues.

#1. I need help with my new woodworking business,
From the moment she walked into my shop,
I couldn’t deny she was the perfect fit for the job…
You see, Wendy is my fated mate.

#2. Wendy spells trouble.
It’s true, no one in Idaho knows my whole story.
Although, I’m not the only one with secrets.
My wolf senses she also is hiding from something.

#3. Will I be able to keep my new assistant at arms-length?
I sense she has ulterior motives of her own.
And what will her reaction be…
When Wendy discovers I’m a wolf shifter?

JL Madore

Whitby, Ontario