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Do you know how much content is available out there?
Cartoon seeing smartphone and spitting fire in shock

This is what I assume you look like after realising how much content is available out there.

No but really, think about it. 

I'm not creative at all, but I'm sure there's hundreds of millions of creative people out there. All creating wonderful images, videos, songs, templates; basically every type of content you might need for your next Instagram post, or your next sales pitch.

The biggest caveat (at least for me) is finding a way to gain access to this content without paying so much for it. I (and most of you tech-letter...ers?) grew up in a time where websites like Shutterstock let you download a picture with horrible watermark all over it. 

But this is not the case anymore. Today, I'm going to show you my favourite website for all types of free and ready-to-use videos, audio files, and even Adobe Premiere Pro templates (if you know how to use those).

Media label

Mixkit 👩🏼‍🎨 front page

At first you might be thinking "why do I need to worry about finding royalty-free content", you don't. But the Internet is a sensitive place and there is such a thing as copyright infringement

I'm sure nobody will mind too much if you use a random picture on Google for a class presentation, but when it comes to all-things-digital, using someone else's content as your own can have its consequences (hint: you're going to owe a lot of money).

That being said, here's a little continuation for those who were with me for Tech-Letter #4 where I spoke about Unsplash. That, is a website that offers unlimited (and absolutely beautiful) pictures for you to use, for free. And if you've been paying attention to the image above, today we have Mixkit

Sample videos from Mixkit

Mixkit is a website that offers hundreds of quality videos for your next project. I've uploaded a GIF because I can't exactly send you videos by email, but this tool lets you search for specific videos or simply browse through an enormous list of categories.

In a similar way, this platform even lets you look for free stock music, i.e. songs that talented people all over the world have recorded for you to use in your next commercial or personal project.

Stock music search on Mixkit

When it comes to websites that offer stock content such as Mixkit or Unsplash, there are different licenses that are involved. For most of the content you want to use, you don't require any special permission; but artists and content creators really value attribution. So though not required, it is appreciated (i.e. credit the artist where credit is due).

This isn't a tool you might use everyday, but bookmarking these for future use has really come in handy for me; and here's hoping it might come in handy for you.

Price? Free ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Format? Website ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Instagram posts with Mixkit!
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