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Swedish Artist Gordon Skalleberg, Santa Fe + Sweden, oil paintings on wood

As the Crow Flies    oil on plywood    32x48 inches

Vågor vid Nabben / Waves at Nabben    oil on plywood    18x44 inches

The Family Suite (Installation contains 11 panels)    oil on plywood    8x24 inches each

The Pharmacist as a Young Boy    oil on plywood    10x35.5 inches
“People ask me why I paint faces and eyes, sometimes only sections of a face. I don’t have a clear answer. I guess I am trying to see beyond the surface. Maybe I am just exploring and learning about myself? We are always confronted with faces – our own when we look at ourselves in a mirror, other faces as we go about our daily business. Subconsciously we can recognize joy and sadness, maybe even a subtle lie – but are we really aware of what we are seeing? Some of my paintings inspire the viewers to create their own stories. I am thrilled to hear the stories people tell me about my paintings. Often I don’t know who the people I have painted are and that makes it even more interesting. I mainly paint with oil on plywood and other types of wood. When I paint I never quite know what the colors, the material, and the picture will communicate and as a consequence I use various styles. I am often surprised by the process and the result, and I like to surprise the viewer as well. Imperfection is often found in my pictures – a crack in the plywood, trickles, scratches, roughness...“
ARTWORKinternational INC

Creating a Global Presence for Visual Artists

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