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Dear Friends and Supporters, we are excited to bring you several pieces of good news this month: 6 Sunda Pangolins and 2 Leopard Cats are released back to the wild, our Research Team is very busy in the forest with radio-tracking pangolins, SVW was invited to Thailand to train government officals on pangolin husbandry and more..

Radio-tracking released Sunda Pangolins

Beginning of April, we released 6 Sunda Pangolins back to the wild. We also started a new radio-tracking study, and have attached a new type of transmitter to 4 pangolins. Sunda Pangolins are notoriously hard to track. Due to their cone-shaped head, we can’t use collars. The only place to attach a transmitter is on their scales. Sunda Pangolins often sleep in narrow tree burrows, causing the transmitters to fall off the scales.

Our research team was accompanied by Nick Sun, who has 8 years of experience with radio-tracking Chinese Pangolins in Taiwan. The release went very well and the team was able to track all 4 pangolins the first days after release. We are waiting for more updates from the field and we will keep you updated!

Camera traps set up and ready for use!

Our research team is working overtime in the field. Beside radio-tracking the released pangolins, they set up 128 camera-traps. This project is a collaboration between Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Save Vietnam's Wildlife and Pu Mat National Park. The aim of this systematic camera-trap survey is to set a baseline for ground-dwelling mammals and monitor population trends over time. Data will be collected over a period of 3-4 months. We will keep you updated on the project!

Wildlife education news

After working with Global Conservation Force, our new educational material for school children is ready; a trading cards collection! The content of the collection will widen children’s knowledge about eight threatened wildlife species, with animal’s unique information, its threats and our education messages. It does not only educate our children, but also helps the kids remember the joy they have during the education activities day at our center.

Moreover, the Education team also attended the "Creativity and natural hands-on experiences in high school curriculum" seminar in Nho Quan C high school. The team had an opportunity to learn more about formal education of school children, but also built up the relationship with students, teachers and Ninh Binh Department of Education and Training for future co-operation. 

April was a lucky month for leopard cats!

We rescued one more female leopard cat. When we let her out of the transport box, it turned out that she was very weak. When she tried to climb on the branches of her quarantine enclosure, she immediately fell. We decided to leave her in peace and quiet for a few days and then give her a thorough health check. After a few days of good food and some rest, the health check showed that she is a healthy cat, but just very skinny. We are hoping to release her once she has built up some muscle mass!

Two other leopard cats that we rescued earlier this year were released back to the wild. We always love the moment when the animals realise that they are free again!

Improving Pangolin husbandry in Thailand

In April, the SVW team was invited by USAID to host a workshop on pangolins in Thailand for the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation. The workshop “Back to the wild” was aimed at customs officials, police officers and DNP employees who are responsible for confiscating, rescuing and rehabilitating pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade in Thailand.

Thai, SVW’s founder and Director gave talks about the status of wild pangolins, confiscation scenarios and best practise for law enforcement officials to improve the survival rate of confiscated pangolins. Hai, one of SVW’s veterinarians gave lectures on veterinary care during rescues and veterinary techniques during the rehabilitation process. Maddie, SVW’s Animal Manager gave talks about animal welfare, enclosure design and nutrition.

We are very proud to be able to help other countries in Asia to rescue pangolins, as the illegal wildlife trade is a worldwide problem and only by working together we can tackle this issue.

ZIMS to improve record keeping

We always try to improve the quality of our work methods. One of the big changes we made this year was to become a member of Species360 and do all our record keeping in an online database called ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System). This membership is kindly sponsored by the organisation Wild Welfare. In April, ZSL London Zoo Registrar Hannah Jenkins came over to Vietnam to train our rescue center staff on how to use the programme. This will improve the way we look after our rescued animals at our rescue center, because we are now able to easily collect information about individuals, keep veterinary records and look back at older information.

SVW in new documentary about Pangolins

The work of Save Vietnam's Wildlife will be shown in a new documentary about pangolins! The documentary shows how conservationist Maria Diekmann rescues and rehabilitates pangolins in Namibia. In a bid to better understand the global issues they are facing, they follows Maria to Vietnam, Thailand and China into the very heart of the crisis, where demand for pangolin products is greatest.

On her journey to Vietnam, Maria and the film crew visited Save Vietnam's Wildlife to see what we are doing to save pangolins from extinction. They were present when our Rapid Response Team arrived with 9 newly rescued Sunda Pangolins. One of the pangolins had a really bad snare trap injury and our vets had to amputate his leg. The crew also joined our team to release 6 Sunda Pangolins back to the wild. 

Europe: Pangolins - The World's Most Wanted Animal, narrated by David Attenborough, will broadcast on Tuesday 15 May at 8 pm on BBC TWO 

USA: Nature: The World’s Most Wanted Animal premieres on Wednesday 23 May at 8 pm on PBS (check local listings).

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