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As I work on my next batch of releases for 2019, I am also trying out new marketing techniques to build my audience. The truth is, the best way I can reach new readers is by word of mouth. That means by you all writing reviews and sharing my social media posts. So...I just want to say THANKS! 

Every review helps my work get in front of a new potential reader and that is just incredible, so again thank you for every honest review you leave...

Did I mention I was super excited that RomantiConn is almost here? I've been so busy ordering prints, getting my goody bags, and handmade book marks ready for this event my desk is a total mess - LOL! Can't wait to meet you! <3

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Take a look at the books I've gathered down below, maybe you will discover something great! 

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del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Animus by Ophelia Bell
Angel Revelation by Mary Abshire
Shifters Eden by Tia Didmon
Onyx by Nikki Landis
Only Mine by Stephanie Morris
A Silver Wedding by C.D. Gorri
A Grave Death by Victoria DeLuis
Bearly Mated: A Bear Claw Tale 4 by C.D. Gorri
Star Kissed by C.D. Gorri
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del mare alla stella,
C.D. Gorri
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