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Long Awaited Release of Elf Princess Warrior

I've set the price at 99 cents this week to celebrate!

I'm proud and excited to announce the release of Elf Princess Warrior, book 8 in the Queenmakers Saga.

After being introduced to readers in The Elf King's Lady, Gwaethe Arenil finally gets her story and her chance at love. Gwaethe is one of my strongest heroines and I hope you love her story.

Here are some early reviews...

There were twists and situations that I never saw coming! I loved Gwaethe and Jacques' story, and definitely recommend! I have come to love this series, and this was a perfect continuation! from Rachel C

It was so nice to see more of the elves. I was so happy with this book because it brought two worlds together. Great characters and I love seeing characters from past books.  from Nic

Bernadette blazes through with  determination, ingenuity, imagination, style and a unique insight for detail. from Kaye G 

Buy this book - 99cents

If you enjoy Elf Princess Warrior, please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews really help prospective buyers to know if my book is for them.

And if you would like to sign up to my advance reader team, let me know by replying to this email. Advance readers get a free copy of my next book in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks so much for your support, happy reading and stay safe. 

Bernadette xx

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